Dance through the Doorway of each New Moon

A 12-month transformational coaching program
to discover your own creative rhythm
where you learn how to create
from a place of flow and ease

by the light of the New Moon.

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VisionKeeping is a self-led process
That is different than anything you’ve ever tried.

By joining VisionKeeping you can:

  • See with crystal clarity what the path to your ultimate purpose looks like
  • Know exactly how to connect your intentions (business and personal) to the journey that the Moon is taking you in each cycle
  • Find the exact definition of the product or service that your soul is called to bring into the world
  • …Understand how to bring that forth without any fear of judgment or ridicule
  • Begin to share your personal story in a way that helps you release any subconscious patterns that have turned into false boundaries in your current expression. 



You’ll receive  1 video module, 1 audio, and 1 doodle prompt for each month that will…guide you to new self-awareness


You’ll use simple creative journal prompts to make your medicine, your desires, and your path crystal clear to you!


We’ll have 1 monthly group call and Q&A 5-7 days before each New Moon where you can…ask questions, connect to your VisionKeeping community, and be witnessed in your powerful creations.


Here’s my promise…

Women like YOU

Have a Dream and Mission that feels

Scary BIG.  Scary BOLD.  Scary Brilliant.

My simple, proven method called
gives you to the MAP
into this bold vision your heart desires.

With Visionkeeping I’ll Teach you HOW to Activate your personal story with the
Wisdom of EACH New Moon
that can Eliminate
Your Self-Created Resistance!!!

Are you READY?


“What do I want to create in my business this month?”

Single session. Easy Peasy.

But what if you want more?

What if it’s time to “own your woo?”

What if you know that, no matter how far you’ve come in claiming your power and purpose, you know it’s time to expand your vision, heal your limitations and birth your dreams?

If that’s you

Let’s “talk.”

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This is a 1:1 private mentoring session with Michele Lessirard. Where she looks at your birth chart and explains the process.

What if your life started shape-shifting to look exactly like
that secret vision board you’ve been peeking at for years?

What if all the resistance that has held you back
from a life aligned with your deepest purpose started falling away, piece by piece?

And what if you found a place where you could undergo the transformation you dream of,
in a safe and secure place where your “woo” could come out and shine?

So, is the VisionKeeping for you?

It is if …

You’re tired of feeling like you’re taking every step on your journey all alone,
without a hand to guide you or a community to support you.

You’re ready to clear the inner conflicts around money
that you’ve probably brought forward in your family DNA, so you can finally manifest on demand.

You think you might be prepared to pull back the veil
on the rest of your family stuff so your vision clears and miracles start to happen.

You can feel in your heart of hearts that you are called to create and to lead
in a spiritual area that the world is crying for,
but where you’re afraid to go.

You feel you’ve been banging your head against the wall,
and will start wondering if you have what it takes
if you don’t break through soon.

You feel a sense of urgency.

You know the time is now.

If that’s you, it’s now time to make decisions based on where you want to be, not where you are.

But if that’s not you, and you’d rather complain than take the steps needed to soar, please don’t join me.

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Hi, this is Michele Grace.

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with the energies of the New Moon as a seasoned mentor and shaman teacher.

I help women step through the door that each New Moon opens … in order to call back their creativity, their joy and their intuitive gifts.

I’d like to do the same thing for you.

I created VisionKeeping to help you take the New Moon principles I share deeper … to activate your heart’s desire.

You’ll learn HOW to work with YOUR lunar energy to manifest your BIG dreams in a grounded and proven way. Three months from now, you’ll barely remember where you began this journey. And in six months you’ll start realizing that the life you’re living feels familiar … because it’s the one on your secret vision board. You see, it’s all about getting started towards your vision … and about KEEPING your VISION on track.

VisionKeeping is called “accountability in action” that inspires and informs you every step of the way.

With joy,

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