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What will this Sag New Moon bring to you?

Sagittarius activates the fun loving you. It’s the archetype of the Teacher, home of your inner Philosopher. What does this sign signal to your truth teller within?

Your story. My story. Our collective stories. The call is free, attend live or listen in later- you’ll get the audio and doodle prompt. 

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When is the Sag New Moon?

Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 2:20 am Eastern at 15° Sag

About the Shamanic Power Song:

Rev. Michele Grace is an artist, astrologer and shamanic teacher. She’s walked this path with clients and students for over two decades. Each month she channels a power song along with the New Moon Journal Doodle Prompt specifically created for the energies of this new moon.

You can attend her sessions live or listen in later via the podcast.

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What creation are you choosing to invoke and perpetrate your smallness in life and business?
What choices are you making that keeps you spinning and judging yourself as wrong and unworthy to receive more?

Listening to the New Moon, New ME! Audio + Working the New Moon Journal Prompt
gives you PLENTY of time to work with the energies for your life and business.


“You are out ahead of the pack. A forward thinker. Maybe you’ve stopped yourself at this gate before, looking around for people like you. Someone that can relate. Someone to listen and guide. That’s what I do for my students and clients, I read between the lines into your soul’s essence while guiding you to your heart’s knowing with joy, ease and grace.”

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht is a shamanic teacher, healer and an award-winning business mentor who moves women in the creative healings arts from “woo-woo to who’s who with heart-centered profitability tools.” Michele Grace can help you build a thriving businesses you LOVE. She is a certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach and a SoulCollage® facilitator. She is best known for successfully teaching women how to ignite their dreams and unlock their brilliance.



Where’s the New Moon for me?

How to order your birth chart:

This is the first question everyone asks after listening to the teleclass. You can certainly download a free copy of your birth chart, but I wanted to make it easier to follow along.

If you order your birth chart from me you’ll get a 2-page pdf to download.  I’ll send your birth chart along with a brief written snippet of what and where the new moon is for you. 

You’ll have the chart to use as as reference for each new moon.

After payment you’ll be taken to a form to input your birth details and your chart takes 1-2 business days for processing.


Birth chart is $25

I love being a part of Vision Keepers! It’s community. It’s learning. It’s support. It’s a safe haven. It’s SACRED SPACE. For me personally it has shifted what I truly believed was unmovable. I’m more confident, more at peace, and much happier.
Before working with Michele Grace I was very stuck in some really painful patterns with my family of origin. I was also deeply missing a sense of community in my life as within a short time of each other both of the communities I had been part of either disbanded or no longer resonated.
Through doing the work with Michele Grace I have opened up to entirely new possibilities. The two biggest examples are the relationship with my mother and my business.  I have created a huge shift in my relationship with my mother. Healing has begun. We talk openly. I am beginning to develop trust in her. This is creating generational ripples. It is an incredible gift.
As far my business goes…. I went from a very timid, hiding practitioner to speaking on stage and launching two programs with more in the works. A pretty impressive turn around for me!
Through working with the journal prompts and the new moon calls I kept opening….opening to receive more, to expand my heart, to expand possibility. Through interaction with Michele Grace things have been healed, shifted and transmuted. It’s powerful and sacred work!


Scarlett Maebh Mosier

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, The Tree Oracle

Really, words do not do all of the Ahas!, the delights, the journeys, the magic,  the justice. Before working with Michele Grace I found myself adrift, unfocused.

I had recently retired and wanted to launch my writing career. Though I’d written for years, I had doubts about myself, doubts about my goals and also did not think about writing as a way to earn money, only as something I wanted to do.

Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. I am now writing a weekly newspaper column, for which I am paid and I have plans for many more projects.

My relationship to money has changed: I have rediscovered the joy of making money, a huge Aha! resulting from one of Michele Grace’s wise posts in our Vision Keeping circle.  Mentor with Michele Grace and her programs if you want to feel kinder and gentler with yourself while tapping into “empowered gratitude” that activates not only your dreams but also gives you the support to manifest those dreams, in real time, out in the world. 

Valerie Edgar

writer and activist

Before working with Michele Grace, I was at a crossroads in my business.

I was trying to get to the next level and attract my ideal clients, but had no idea how to do so, mainly because I wasn’t clear on what made me unique as a healer.

Since working with Michele Grace I have gained amazing clarity on who I am, what I offer, and where my business is going.

With her expert guidance and her gift with interpreting the astrological omens, I became aware of some childhood issues that were holding me back from embracing my worth, and was able to finally clear that energy from my life so that I could move forward with creating a visionary healing practice that (at last!) incorporates all of my diverse passions.

Cindy L. McGinley

Shamanic Teacher and Healer, www.BlackHorseSpirit.com


Michele Grace Lessirard is a certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach!

Disclaimer: Shared Journeys International LLC, Michele Bailey-Lessirard reserves the right to cancel any workshops or training courses, or the participation of anyone, at any time, for any reason. In such a case, fees paid in advance will be reimbursed. I recognize that Michele Bailey-Lessirard shall be sharing unpublished material with me during this course and as a consequence, I hereby agree not to publish all or part of that material, including experiential exercises in any form including written, audio recorded, audiovisual, or electronic, recorded form without the specific advance written permission from Michele Bailey-Lessirard. By registering for this course, downloading files and attending the course I acknowledge that I have read the above statement and agree to abide by the terms contained within.


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