What is a VIP Day?

Your Planning Session with Michele Grace Lessirard helps you nail down the content strategy needed to anchor your creative dreams and grow your income. Results and outcome are what you are investing in. This is for you if you are fully committed to taking action:

  • You want a complete business marketing plan in one day.
  • Want to get off the wheel of indecision and overwhelm.
  • Desire personal attention…private 1:1 time with a coach, healer, teacher and business strategist who gets you.

During our time together we map out what’s needed in your marketing, message and pricing. You’ll leave with a sigh of relief knowing you have a workable plan that is tailored to your vision. A plan that is doable and profitable.

This 5-hour session generally takes place between 10am- 4pm eastern. In-person events include a catered lunch. This session can be scheduled either by phone or in-person at my studio in Vero Beach, Florida (fly into Orlando).

From your home or office: Your session can easily be done via Zoom. Your VIP Day includes two 30-minute follow-up coaching calls plus 30 days of email support for accountability and clarity.

Your VIP session involves deep listening as we work with your Soul’s blueprint, the akashic records along business building strategies. We explore current opportunities and challenges with focus, clarity and purpose. You’ll leave the session with a practical vision, content that makes sense for YOU, a plan of action and accountability.

Are you willing to step into what is possible?

Curious about next steps? 

How can I work with more people?  

Where am I going?  How can I grow my business?

Imagine doing business connected to your own natural inner rhythms. It’s time for you to work with a business strategist and healer who gets what you do so you don’t have to hide your gifts or apologize for being too woo-woo. To connect your life’s journey so you align with your medicine, your movement and your mission.

Your business is a sacred call 

that nurtures your Soul and

MIRRORS the Essence of YOU.


It’s time to EMBODY Your HOLINESS.

There’s a lot of noise in the world today, including the coaching world. My work is soul based, spirit infused. That means we collaborate together to find your next ‘right steps’. 

We ask questions so you can leave the ‘bound’ up life you’re living… and create relationships that serve your highest good.

What may be happening, can you relate?

  • Feeling stuck in the mud, not moving forward, and money fear is driving you insane!
  • Know your creativity is being disowned or disregarded.
  • Feel-See-Sense-Know something is missing
  • Made an investment in your business, and nothing’s happening damn-it, and you want answers!

Spirit’s whispering are you listening?

Too many times I’ve witnessed spirit-led women give their power over to another, and unconsciously take on their agenda.  You may be living out an unconscious ancestral legacy that just doesn’t fit.

You may be working with a mentor who just doesn’t understand the soul connection. All of this impacts your business and making money. And when this is happening your business may feel like an outfit that doesn’t quite fit. Your creative process will shut down. Either way the inner resistance and frustration can leave you feeling like a fraud. You may be hiding, because well there are a lots of reasons why we hide our brilliance from the world. It’s time to figure this all out.

Clarity | Wisdom | Purpose

I love helping clients find clarity and wisdom that’s why they call me the ‘resistance whisperer” because time and time again I’ve  helped them breakthrough the ennui, tap into new creativity and up-level their ability to make and keep money.

My process of vision*keeping inspires you to embody your brilliance in all aspects of your life. Using story and art we transform the blocks, tap into your magic so you can easily embody your soul’s purpose and work in the world. It’s time to be the Genius you are meant to be.

Working with Michele Grace’s Vision*keeping process I was able to dream big. I set a new direction and feel confident in being able to keep a promise to myself to make the dreams come true. The shamanic coaching experience was positive. I’m amazed at shift in my overall state of mind and ability to now see thru the “fog”. Even my friends are noticing and commenting on it. They say something like -“There’s something happening to you, you have more clarity than ever before.” They are right! It borders on fearlessness and that is so exciting and so hopeful. Walking into the person you were meant to be takes “Someone who gives you the courage to be who we were meant to be” and Michele is a driving force help you be “that” person.

Carolyn Moore

Founder, Director, Modern Widows Club

Messy Designer's Table with Notes and ToolsHave you spent day-after-day downloading freebie after freebie trying to figure things out?

I have. All it did was leave me questioning what I was doing. My “I can figure it out on my own”… DIY attitude slowed me way down and left me spinning.

I’ve been where you are.

Then I hired a business coach that just didn’t get my “woo”;  “let’s not talk about that!” Tried to fit me into ‘her success box” of what worked for them.

That didn’t work either. I promise I won’t do that to you. I’ll listen… to what the soul of YOU and YOUR BUSINESS wants to share.

I work with Truth Guides,

Visionkeepers, WayShowers,

Rebels and Change Agents who have a BIG mission.

I promise a DEEP listening. Breakthroughs.

Soul sharing and caring when we work together.

That’s the only way I work.

Spending a half day, live or virtual does two things for you:

It takes you out of overwhelm and puts you into action. We plan out what to focus on first and second that gives you the cash flow you want, to create space to build anew.

Your dreams need planning. Planning leads to action. Aren’t you tired of doing it all yourself? After a VIP day with me, you walk away with your:

  • Knowing Who I serve – within your birth chart is the key to your message. Let’s hone in what your clients want. That means knowing who I serve – you’ll leave knowing who your clients are with your BIG Vision. How can we get your Voice and Message on track so it calls those women into your circle?
  • Content Creation Mode & Knowing what Programs to build that are a right fit for you – what you offer, what you bundle, what to release when and in what order.
  • Know what you’re Marketing – what are you marketing, why and when. What is the strategy?
  • How to Price your offerings that work for you – What do you price your programs and products? Does this match your market? Does this match your brand?
  • When to Launch- a strategy – Define the phases of your business (where you are, next 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, etc)
  • Focus First: And it isn’t building your website. I’ll teach you the top three (3) things for YOU to focus on first to move your business forward.

Included in your VIP Day package:

  • Half-Day coaching session (usually 4-5 hours). Live or Virtual.
  • Two – 30 minute follow up coaching sessions (Scheduled within 45 days of your VIP session)
  • Email support for 30 days, for additional clarity and clearing.

I promise to help you monetize your passions and knowledge so you can serve your tribe.

Let's connect...

Want to talk first to see if we are a fit to work together?

I’d love to hear hear what’s working and what’s not working.

I promise no hard sell, I hate that and it’s not my style. Just a conversation to see if you and I are a good fit and whether this would be a good investment for you.

Let’s Talk