Coach with Michele Grace

Two weeks after the surgery I hobbled into his healing room, my broken foot still in a cast. “Look here” the shaman said “right between my eyes, and don’t look away.” Taking a swig from one of the bottles he spit sprayed the liquid elixir all over me and the scent of flowers filled the space within and around me.

Quietly he said “You have trained with many people of power, now it’s time for you to carry your own medicine bag.” so I ask you…

What medicine do you carry?

That means being a healer with a profitable business.

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what to do next?  How can I work with more people?   Where am I going?  How can I grow my healing business?   Imagine doing business connected to your own natural inner rhythms.
It’s time for you to work with a business strategist and healer who gets what your do so you don’t have to hide your gifts or apologize for being too woo-woo. To connect your life’s journey so you align with your medicine, your movement and your mission.


Your business is a sacred call that nurtures your Soul and MIRRORS the Essence of YOU. There’s a lot of noise in the world today, including the coaching world. My work is soul based, spirit infused. That means we collaborate together to find your next ‘right step’. Are you ‘bound’ up in living life and relationships that may not serve your highest good? You may:

  • Feel overwhelmed, be stuck in the mud, not moving forward and going broke.
  • Know your creativity is being disowned or disregarded.
  • Feel-See-Sense-Know something is missing
  • Made an investment in your business, and nothing’s happening damn it, and you want answers!

Spirit’s whispering are you listening?

Too many times I’ve witnessed spirit-led women give their power over to another, and unconsciously take on their agenda.  You may be living out an unconscious ancestral legacy that just doesn’t fit. You may be working with a mentor who just doesn’t understand the soul connection. All of this impacts your business and making money. And when this is happening your business may feel like an outfit that doesn’t quite fit. Your creative process will shut down. Either way the inner resistance and frustration can leave you feeling like a fraud. You may be hiding, because well there are a lots of reasons why we hide our brilliance from the world. It’s time to figure this all out.

Clarity | Wisdom | Purpose

I love helping clients find clarity and wisdom that’s why they call me the ‘resistance whisperer” because time and time again I’ve  helped them breakthrough the ennui, tap into new creativity and up-level their ability to make and keep money. My process of vision*keeping inspires you to embody your brilliance in all aspects of your life. Using story and art we transform the blocks, tap into your magic so you can easily embody your soul’s purpose and work in the world. It’s time to be the Genius you are meant to be.

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