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Are you ready to be a Vision*Keeper for your tribe?

Ready to stand at the forefront of change?

Ready to do your part?

Join with other women to explore YOUR path
through the power of working with this New Moon.

Activate your “Divine Right Timing,”

so YOU can take Right Action and Claim

“I Am Ready to Stand in my Power!”

Here’s my promise…

Vision*Keepers like YOU

Have a Dream and Mission that feels

Scary BIG.  Scary BOLD.  Scary Brilliant.

My simple, method gives you to the MAP
A Proven WAY to Birth the New YOU!

I’ll Teach you HOW to Activate that Map with the
Wisdom of EACH New Moon
to Completely Eliminate
Your Self-Created Resistance!!!

Are you READY?

With the Leo New Moon energy, you tapped into your
inner radiance through play that released new found pools of creativity.

With the Virgo New Moon, you moved into editing and sorting those inspired ideas,
to move your creative dreams into reality- Made Manifest.

Now, the Libra New Moon asks you to find a balance,
An opportunity to connect with collaborators and partners.

Are YOU ready to find and release your Inner Saboteur?

vk circle

Here is My Gift to You … an Enlightened Leader:

The New Moon, New ME! Teleclass (value $97), a free 45- to 60- minute call,
is offered 3-7 days prior to the New Moon, which in this cycle falls on:

Libra New Moon
19° Libra 20′
October 12, 2015 at 8:06 pm

This gives you plenty of time to work with the energies.
It allows you to set an intention 24 hours before the New Moon:

“What do I want to create in my business this month, this year?”

And 24 hours after the New Moon, be sure to let the intention go.

And watch the magic happen.

If you missed the original teleclass, or would simply like to listen again, the recorded audio will be available for 5 days after the New Moon.

Here’s the Libra New Moon, New ME! Audio

To download the audio, click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner.
To listen on your iPhone or iPad, get the SoundCloud app.

And click here to access a (free) Shamanically Guided Journal Prompt
that will help you integrate the wisdom of the teleclass into your life.

But what if you want more?

What if it’s time to “own your woo?”

What if you know that, no matter how far you’ve come in claiming your power and purpose, you know it’s time to expand your vision, heal your limitations and birth your dreams?

If that’s you, read on.

Let’s “talk.”

visionkeeping circle 9

What if your life started shape-shifting to look exactly like
that secret vision board you’ve been peeking at for years?

What if all the resistance that has held you back
from a life aligned with your deepest purpose started falling away, piece by piece?

And what if you found a place where you could undergo the transformation you dream of,
in a safe and secure place where your “woo” could come out and shine?

Michele DrumHi, this is Michele Grace.

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with the energies of the New Moon as a seasoned mentor and shaman teacher.

I help women step through the door that each New Moon opens … in order to call back their creativity, their joy and their intuitive gifts.

I’d like to do the same thing for you.

I created the Vision*Keeping® Circle to help you take the New Moon principles I share deeper … to activate your heart’s desire.

You’ll learn HOW to work with YOUR lunar energy to manifest your BIG dreams in a grounded and proven way. Three months from now, you’ll barely remember where you began this journey. And in six months you’ll start realizing that the life you’re living feels familiar … because it’s the one on your secret vision board. You see, it’s all about getting started towards your vision … and about KEEPING your VISION on track.

The Vision*Keeping Circle could be called “accountability in action” that inspires and informs you every step of the way.

So, is the Vision*Keeping Circle for you?

It is if …

You’re tired of feeling like you’re taking every step on your journey all alone,
without a hand to guide you or a community to support you.

You’re ready to clear the inner conflicts around money
that you’ve probably brought forward in your family DNA, so you can finally manifest on demand.

You think you might be prepared to pull back the veil
on the rest of your family stuff so your vision clears and miracles start to happen.

You can feel in your heart of hearts that you are called to create and to lead
in a spiritual area that the world is crying for,
but where you’re afraid to go.

You feel you’ve been banging your head against the wall,
and will start wondering if you have what it takes
if you don’t break through soon.

You feel a sense of urgency.

You know the time is now.

If that’s you, it’s now time to make decisions based on where you want to be, not where you are.

But if that’s not you, and you’d rather complain than take the steps needed to soar, please don’t join.


As you know, I’m a Shamanic Astrologist, so you’re probably worried that you need to know a lot about reading charts and interpreting what planet is where.

But that’s not true. While I attract a few astrology buffs, most of the women who join our Circle don’t know much about astrology at all.

It’s up to me to interpret what’s going on in the heavens, in light of what’s going on in the personal birth chart I draw up for you. None of this is complicated.

Anybody can do it if they meet these three requirements:

They have to have a BIG dream. Any dream at all, but it has to be big.

They have to really want it to come true.

They have to want to play with other intuitive women in the Circle who want their dreams to come true, too.

If you meet these simple requirements, then you have what it takes to. . .

Leverage the Wisdom of the New Moon to

Completely Eliminate Your Self-Created Resistance

Yep. That’s my promise to you.

When you join the Vision*Keeping Circle, you can decide how long you want to join for.

The minimum is three months, which gives you a chance to see real changes in the way you see your future.

Within six months, you’ll have unlearned whatever in the past hasn’t served you well, and learned to trust your instincts as you move confidently ahead.

But the ideal commitment is for twelve months. By then, you will have experienced at least one New Moon in each house of your astrological chart, giving you a perfect chance to clear and reactivate every aspect of your business and personal life, leaving no aspect untouched.

By joining the Vision*Keeping Circle, you’ll get:

The monthly New Moon calls, like the one that most likely introduced you to this Circle.

The monthly New Moon Laser Coaching calls. In a small group phone session, I read how this particular New Moon interacts with YOUR birth chart, so you’ll know exactly what each New Moon means for you in your life and business (value $127).

The weekly easy-to-follow Vision*Keeping Journal Prompts, artfully designed to empower your life and business for success, and delivered to your email box.

Creative art projects, including creating easy, yet insightful SoulCollage® cards to help you figure out what’s holding you back.

A copy of your personal birth chart to work with each new moon (value $97).*

The monthly 90-minute Full Moon Shamanic Healing and Activation sessions, through me. This long-distance shared healing offers a powerful and proven initiation experience (value $250).

Access to the private Vision*Keeping Facebook Forum, a community of highly motivated and caring “Moon Sisters” who bear witness and provide support without judgment—for whatever you’re processing. I am present on the forum every day to guide and orient as needed. Honesty rules. And no one needs or wants to hide.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

How to see with crystal clarity what the path to your ultimate purpose looks like.
(It’s the first powerful step towards manifesting it in your life.)

How to connect your business and personal intentions to the journey
Luna is taking with each lunar cycle.

How to find the exact definition of the product or service you carry out into the world that fulfills your purpose, yet in no way brings up any fears of ridicule or disdain.

What it feels like to be a heart-centered woman on a mission. Once facts replace fears, you’ll seek out what works, what doesn’t, what you have, what you need, what you want and what you need to get there.

How good it feels to be a woman whose dream embodies the radiance of living her passion, using special Circle tools to set her imagination free.

How to communicate enthusiastically and precisely what is unique about your gifts in a way that starts attracting opportunities you never noticed before.

How sharing personal stories and teachings within a trusted community helps find, transmute and release any new or old subconscious thoughts that might try to become false boundaries.

How to not be distracted by friends and family who would rather deal with the “old you,” and use your newfound clarity of purpose and feeling of empowerment to stay laser focused.

How to be a confident, take-charge teacher/healer/mentor/coach that has the tools to glide right over any obstacles that could keep you from your goals.

And much, much more …

sample price

So what can you expect from joining the Vision*Keeping Circle?

Existing Circle members mention things as diverse as:

making progress in sacred work, healing family breaches, releasing what doesn’t work, breaking old patterns with money and men, self-exploration brought on by the group’s insights, women showing up authentically in a safe and sacred space, learning to tap into spiritual gifts, having the cycles of the moon work with your body/mind/spirit instead of against them, rediscovering the joy of making money, going within for answers and finding our truth. The list is endless.

But the most telling phrase is this one:

“This Circle has my back.”

What Circle Members are saying…

I was struggling with a transition in professional focus … and a lack of clarity on what “life” elements I should be using in making life decisions. The program has been a perfect fit! The benefits over these past couple of years in the V*K Circle are endless, but here are just three: I have found a gorgeously non-judgmental group of women in a community where I can fearlessly share whatever I am processing; I have the opportunity each month to explore a different aspect of my life, as Michele moves us through the focus of the 12 astrological houses; and I benefit from Michele’s wisdom as I let go of what doesn’t work … and embrace what does.

The V*K Circle “sisters” come from all walks of life, and there is richness in differing perspectives. But we’re not coaching each other. Instead, the wisdom each of us has to share comes across in recounting our own stories. We witness each other finally getting to the bottom of hidden blocks and obvious obstacles, using the tools Michele suggests. We share aha’s. We see each other letting go. And moving forward. The amount of personal growth I’ve witnessed is priceless!- Sharon O’Day


I love being a part of Vision Keepers! It’s community. It’s learning. It’s support. It’s a safe haven. It’s SACRED SPACE.

For me personally it has shifted what I truly believed was unmovable. I’m more confident, more at peace, and much happier. Before joining Vision Keepers I was very stuck in some really painful patterns with my family of origin. I was also deeply missing a sense of community in my life as within a short time of each other both of the communities I had been part of either disbanded or no longer resonated.

Through doing the work with Michele Grace I have opened up to entirely new possibilities. The two biggest examples are the relationship with my mother and my business. I have created a huge shift in my relationship with my mother. Healing has begun. We talk openly. I am beginning to develop trust in her. This is creating generational ripples. It is an incredible gift. As far my business goes…. I went from a very timid, hiding practitioner to speaking on stage and launching 2 programs with more in the works. A pretty impressive turn around for me! Through working with the journal prompts and the new moon calls I kept opening….opening to receive more, to expand my heart, to expand possibility. Through interaction with the group and with Michele things have been healed, shifted and transmuted. It’s powerful and sacred work! – Paula Mosier The Tree Oracle


Words alone do not describe the benefits. As a woman, I have always known that my body, mind and spirit responded to the cycles of the moon, but after working with Michele Grace for over a year, I have gained insight into these rhythms and have learned how to work with them, rather than against them.

Michele Grace has guided me to many Aha! moments enhancing my creativity and relationships. She has created in the Vision Keeping Circle a marvelous place for women to share and learn, receiving loving support from other women.

Before joining the Visionkeeping Circle I found myself adrift, unfocused. I had recently retired and wanted to launch my writing career. Though I’d written for years, I had doubts about myself, doubts about my goals and also did not think about writing as a way to earn money, only as something I wanted to do. Working with Michele Grace, my goals crystallized and I saw the steps I needed to take. I am now writing a weekly newspaper column, for which I am paid and I have plans for many more projects. Every day, I am grateful to Michele Grace for the wisdom and gentle guidance she has brought to me and to the Vision Keeping Circle for the love and support I receive there. – Valerie Edgar Writer, Activist