OMG Clarity Session

 “You create magic when you use your inherent gifts and talents;
the action of saying YES! moves YOU into right relationship with the world around you.”

  • When did you land on earth?

  • Your mini-session will help you discover where the current New Moon is and how it is impacting your life and business.
  • :
  • What brings you to my world? What's going on?

  • List 3 Intentions. What would you like to manifest at this new moon.
  • If you have one, please share your site as it gives me a flavor of what your service is about.
    Be Bold. Be Clear. Be Couragous.
  • If you're new to my community, please share a bit about yourself. Why did you join? What do you need?
  • Yes, 60 days from 2017. What's your desire for the next 60 days? How can I support you?
  • What would you life be like if this was no longer an issue? It's easy to become rich and successful in business when divine love is channeled into the products your clients want and need.