Michele Grace Speaks

5 Steps for Women who Create too Much.

Women are natural intuitive leaders and their intuition can bring them to answers in how to run every aspect of their business to produce thriving results every time. What happens when your intuition runs amok? What does that look like, feel like? Michele Grace teaches you how to sort this out so you can take effective action.

Build | Connect | Inspire: 3-steps to magnetizes your message and attracts.

Your money or your life? How to get out of debt and live the life you want. Using a simple system how heart-centered business women can move from woo-woo to who’s who by unlocking your money story, using a simple There’s inner money program is working and learning each of us until we stop to listen. What is your sacred relationship to money? What’s behind your resistance? How is that keeping you stuck and maybe broke.

Michele Grace has studied with masters teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, Barbara Brennan and Caroline Myss. In business building including Elizabeth Purvis, Suzanne Evans and Kendall Summerhawk.

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Presentation Length

30-45 Minute Laser Keynote: Great for quick inspiration and action tips.

60-90 Minute Keynote: Michele Grace takes your room on a heart-felt journey using art and storytelling that inspires action in both personal and professional life.

1/2-day Workshop: We can really start to get our hands in the content and create more experiential exercises for the attendees to more fully integrate the content into their businesses.

Full day to multi-day workshops: If you want a deep dive into the Oracle Alignment business principles and really get the strategies integrated into your business, a full day or multi-day workshop is exactly what you want.