Symbology: The Course

September 12th through October 17th

There are symbolic maps all around us…clues to living a deeper richer life.

Symbols appear as signposts telling you a story, asking to guide you. These symbols come through many ways…in meditation, through nature and in your dream state.

As a child you had these talents, gifts and capacities to speak with Nature aka Symbols. and then you made a choice to shut off that guidance.

Maybe you were told to be real, to value thinking over imagining and questing When that spiritual break happens the connection to the symbolic realm dries up, leaving you feeling adrift. Here’s the good news…

What is lost can be found… with ease and joy!

Will you come and play with us? 

Symbols. Signs. Omens. Dreams.

Lead to ahas. Play with what’s here…

The universe, in all it’s delight, is speaking to you.

Are you…

  • open up to the dialog?
  • ready to cultivate connections and collaborate with Nature?
  • master the focus of bigness that aligns with strength and compassion? 

“As is often the case, the image, the symbol and the right anticipate–sometimes even make possible–the practical applications of a discovery.”- Mircea Eliade, the Forge and the Crucible

Symbols and omens come to us for health, healing and empowerment. You’re invited to join Paula and me in this Folk School experience: a hands-on journey into the art of playing with what’s showing up.

Spirit speaks when you wander.

Creativity ignites when restore your capacity for feeling into the current moment.

  • How to dance with what’s showing up through story, art and ritual.
  • How to Invoke. Discover how to have a deeper conversation.
  • Are you ready for more creativity in your life?

Will you let us teach you how-to inspire more creativity in your life and business?

If yes, then register below…

Prerequisite for the Symbols Course: you need to know how to shamanic journey, to meet in non-ordinary reality and bring back answers. If you don’t know how to journey, you can study with Paula prior to the symbols course. Easy peasy! 

Shamanic Journeying with Paula Mosier starts August 22nd and runs through September 5th 

Click here if you just want to learn how to shamanic journey, ie “I’m not interested in the symbols course.”

Stop the Churning

Join me if you want to end the “I don’t know_________!” That keeps you spinning in doubt and indecision.

Reclaim You

Soul loss is real. Cycling through the energy is exhausting. Why not begin with these two questions: Where have I lost power? How is that affecting the choices I’m making today?

Access Joy + Creativity

Every time you move your desire into action resistance may rear its ugly head. It’s part of the creative process.  I’ll give you proven tools to play with. Let’s opt for more creativity.

Your Guides…

rev. michele grace lessirard,

A Near Death Experience at age three awakened the gifts, talents and capacities of the Oracle Aligned.

I’m a WayMaker, a see’r of patterns;  helping you transcend problems and unlock the BRILLIANCE that you truly be!

As elder shamanic teacher and leader I bring three decades of entrepreneurial experience, successfully integrating these moon teachings to grow my business while in service to my family, clients and community.

Let’s clear your stuck and limiting points of view that you’ve identified as yours. In so doing YOUR become lighter. Easier. Less hard on your body. Your creativity amps ups. Are you ready to…

Come into full bloom alignment!

paula mosier, the tree oracle

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talk about your identifier here!


What if I know nothing about astrology?

And when I hear someone talk about astrology- it all sounds like gobblety-goop- some foreign language.

Simplicity matters.

I’m a story teller and so get this…astrology is meant to be a feeling story…the planetary energies are here to inform.

At some point the feeling story got lost in translation…

Listen I don’t give a damn if Mars is squaring your Neptune…tell me how that feels to you in this moment then I can share tools to work with the energy.

How can we collaborate with the wisdom of the planets for your highest and best outcome?

What questions can we ask

that leads you to your Brilliance?

What's going to happen? Why is everything suddenly up in my face?

I thought I dealt with this!!!

I just want to build my business!

Astrology is a path of direct experience with the divine.

When you’re out of sync or push boldly forward with a dream feelings come up to clear and heal. Shadow places you deny and defend. On the call I’ll share my favorite tools to engage and clear the trauma/drama.

The Moon activates.  

Knowing.  Intuiting.  Shaking off what no longer serves you!

When you remember who you are, your emotional body reacts with feelings, they rise up for clearing and healing. If you’ve been struggling to grow your business, join me for a few months, work through the journal prompts. Be ready to clear the slate… and build your heart’s desire.  


How do I get started? What's my next step? What if I want to work with you?

First off join me in the Dancing through the Doorway teleclass on Thursday and then…

Follow-up with the current New Moon, New ME! podcast + Journal Prompt

New to my world…

What if I want to work with you…Listen in and get a feel for what I offer. If it feels light let’s talk!

Click here to learn more about scheduling a Discovery Session.