For the Beta program.

I believe in possibility during seemingly impossible times.


Nothing is Healed at the Level it’s Created.

Are you ready to learn proven shamanic activism skills that help you find more magic with ease and joy in service to your family and community?


The Podcast.
Listen in to learn more about The Way of the OA- why this?  Why now?


Shamanic Activism

The Way of the OA  shamanic training is birthed from Michele Grace’s sacred Star Wisdom. Here you’ll learn to embody proven shamanic skills to support you in life and business.

It’s who you truly BE!


Transcend Trauma

Working with your own life experiences we’ll activate the OA energy within you. Because society DOES NOT support the mystical, we’ve given the practical more weight and discount your own knowing.

Wake up your Interstellar Lightbody


Become a WayMaker

Dreamers are the CARESTAKERS of the collective. What are you called to DREAM that to CALLS IN new possibilities where none seem feasible? Activating the Oracle within, you become the OA.

Choice Creates the Oracle Aligned.

What ways are you discounting the IMPOSSIBLE because you haven’t lived it?

How have your mystical experiences been discounted and judged by friends and family? Where is shame and fear of being different causing you to hide your brilliance and not speak up?

You KNOW what is true for you, but you stay hidden because those experiences are outside the norm. What if you can expand into that with ease, what else is possible?


I don’t know what to do!
I know I’m too rational, but that crap scares me!

You’ve had numerous life experiences that make no rational sense. Maybe you had a visceral experience watching the NetFlix’s show the OA. You’re attracted to that power and potency; you want more of that!

You’re READY to activate that TRUTH into your own life.


We live in a practical, skeptical, rational world. Except you are a dreamer. You want to gather in community with like minded cohorts to explore a different potential.

I’m ready to live LIFE with Magic at it’s CORE and let that influence all aspects of my LIFE & BIZ.


While you choose the family of your birth for a reason, it can leave you feeling like the ugly duckling.

I mentor Star-seeds who are ready to unlock the wisdom they hold. You have a gift to share; these are generational and lineage driven. There are few places in which to talk and discuss this with a mentor; let alone active the gifts, talents and capacities of your star-seed. 

I’ll teach you how you can safely take that star wisdom and spin it into gold.


Where have I lost power and how is that affecting me today?
Have you experienced a trauma?

Like a Near Death Experience (NDE) or tried to commit suicide as a teen/young adult?

For over two decades I’ve worked with a shamanic healing method known as SOUL RETRIEVAL. What if there is wisdom around your NDE that is ready to come forward? Are you ready?

There’s a reason you’ve found your way into my world.


Who is Michele Grace

A Near Death Experience at age three awakened the gifts, talents and capacities of the OA.

Michele Grace is a WayMaker,  a see’r of patterns; 
helping you transcend problems and
unlock the BRILLIANCE that you truly be!

  An elder shamanic teacher she brings three decades of entrepreneurial experience, successfully integrating these ancient wisdom skills to grow her business while in service to her family, clients and community.

The Way of the OA  shamanic training is birthed from her sacred Starseed Wisdom, she is the

InterStellar Magi




checkPoint one The Way of the OA Beta Salon is NEW channeled material. We’ll explore shamanic journeying, journal prompts and experiential exercises. No prior shamanic experience is needed.

checkPoint two Since The WAY of the OA is channeled, the content is determined by who shows up. An energetic container is created for those who enroll in the program. If this feels LIGHT then JOIN ME. If it feels heavy, then it’s not the right time or I’m not the teacher for you.

checkPoint three I am a big believer of community…and holding space as sacred. You are called to own your sh#@t and the ways you are playing small. All I ask is that you show up, tell your truth and be open to change. This is not course for people to spin in their drama/trauma.

checkPoint four Because it’s a BETA program, the cost is discounted. The next offering will be priced accordingly. In signing up I’m asking you show up, give feedback and a testimonial about the program.  BONUS I’ve added a 1:1 astrology reading [value $200] to work with a new astrology process that’s been downloaded. That alone is worth the price of admission.

elementWhat’s Included in Beta Group Program The Way of the OA?


check5 Weekly Group Calls Tuesdays at 4PM Eastern Standard Time. Here I’ll be offering shamanic training and clearings. If you can’t make the calls live, you can download the recording later.

check1:1 30 Minute Astrology Reading (value $200) In this channeled session I’m looking at your birth chart while discussing lineage and legacy. Your session is recorded.

checkRegister for your SOUL GROUP I’ve broken the offering down into two groups. The Way of the OA for 40 somethings and 50-70 somethings. There are 10 SEATS for each soul group where we focus on not only the personal but also the collective experience.

checkCommunity Forum on Facebook. This is where we’ll be engaged and discussing the weekly teachings. It’s highly interactive and engaging. Then after the Way of the OA program you have the option to join the StarSeed Biz Academy Membership community.

checkAfter completing the beta program you have the option to join the Starseed Biz Academy Membership community. The prerequisite for joining is completing The Way of the OA program. The Way of the OA is the gateway for all Michele Grace’s advance trainings.

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I’ve got some questions…

What is the meaning of the OA?

OA stands for Oracle Aligned or Original Angel. It’s a mini-series currently on Netflix where the main character inspires her community using the talents from the Near Death Experience along with storytelling, journey work and advance skills of a WayMaker to change the outcome in her community. Actualizing the Way of the OA you Begin to BE to alchemize situations in life and business in LOVE. with love.

I look at this an an opportunity to SEED the possibility, much like Star Trek brought new innovations inspired by the story-line. We are dreaming a new story. In dream time I received download and details about what this offering is about.


How do I know if this is the RIGHT thing for me?  I’m not sure why I found my way here.

If this offer feels LIGHT, then it’s the RIGHT place for you. If the offer feels heavy then either the time is not right or I’m not the Teacher for you. Trust your own knowing.


What if I’m currently working with a therapist or on medication?

You would best be served by my 1:1 work or I can refer you to a shamanic practitioner in your local area. This is not therapy. It’s is an initiation that unfolds over the 5 weeks. You need to be clear, present and focused.


What about refunds?

There are no refunds. I am holding space and ask that you are clear in your intention when you register.


Disclaimer: Michele Grace Lessirard reserves the right to cancel any workshops or training courses, or the participation of anyone, at any time, for any reason. In such a case, prorated fees paid will be reimbursed.

I recognize that Michele Lessirard shall be sharing unpublished material with me during this course and as a consequence, I hereby agree not to publish all or part of that material, including experiential exercises in any form including written, audio recorded, audiovisual, or electronic, recorded form without the specific advance written permission from Michele Lessirard.

By registering and attending the course I acknowledge that I have read the above statement and agree to abide by the terms contained within.

© 2001-2017 Michele Lessirard and Shared Journeys International, LLC  All rights reserved. Reproduction or translation of any part of this work by any means without permission from the publisher is unlawful. You do not have resell rights to this material.