How to Work with the New Moon Collage Process

New Moon Manifesting CD

Breakthrough your toughest blocks

with a New Moon SoulCollage®

How women in business can to tap into their intuition for healing, problem solving and empowerment in 3 simple steps.

Create a New Moon SoulCollage® card for this month’s energy…

Would you like to bust through that stuck place that keeps you from living your best life?

Set an intention to work with each new moon for 90 days along with making New Moon SoulCollage® cards to honor the energy of the moment can work miracles. For over a decade I’ve successfully taught clients and students how to connect their intentions with the magic of the moment through the mystery of the New Moon. Here are the 3 simple steps…

New moon astrology is an inward journey connecting you to the cycles and rhythms Nature offers up each month. The rhythm around you is mirrored back within you. I invite you to join in the dance. – Michele Grace

Step 1. Attend the monthly New Moon, New ME! Teleclass

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Michele Grace teaches a free teleclass (30-45 minutes) each month so you can learn how you can work with the energy in your personal and professional life…. you’ll get a downloadable MP3 audio and journal prompts.

Free New Moon Teleclass  +
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Step 2. Stay aware of what’s tweaking you

In the week leading up to the New Moon ask these two questions:

  • Where is the New Moon?
  • What’s the Story?
  • What do you want to create with the energy?
  • What seems to be in your way?

Step 3. Make a SoulCollage® card

First don’t make this process too complicated – all you need are a few magazines, a glue stick and a sheet of 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper or poster board. Find images that ‘call’ to you. Step out of the way and let your inner healer share- a story will unfold that simply amazes you.

Set your intention to be present:

Before you start to make a card (or two), create a sacred space for yourself, gather the materials around you. Light a candle, play soft music. Turn off the phones and limit your distractions. Connect with that intuitive part of you who knows about these sacred energies.

Even add a shamanic journey to clear space- for those who know how to journey, go you to Helping Ally and ask about this month’s New Moon energy related to your own birth chart. Upon return…

  • Make the New Moon Collage card by cutting out images that call to you, they may or may not represent the energy of the month, your journey, glue those images on the paper. Trust your intuition.
  • You may or may not know what the image you select means at first. You may not know how you will use it and even if you will. What you feel is a power in this particular [image].
“As you leaf through magazines, something stops and holds you, calls to you in a mysterious way. Something goes straight into your soul bypassing your mind. Something vital in your image stirs you, and your imagination becomes engaged. You tear it our and save it.”- author Seena Frost from her book SoulCollage® Evolving.

Do I use words on the SoulCollage® cards?


Words may be great when creating a vision board to set a strong intention; I don’t find cutout words useful on my New Moon Collage cards. What if the image wants to grow with you? What if using words locks in the energy of the moment?

Do I use words on Collage cards, yes or no? I say no.

You may also create your collage digitally. Whatever medium seems right for you. I do a combination of both, I make cards, scan and then tweak the images.

Remember you don’t have to be an astrologer, know about astrology or be an artist to work with these concepts. Just play with it.


Where’s the Moon?

What if you add the Moon Phases to your Google Calendar (under Other Calendars)? Under settings>other calendars 

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