An angel in a VW Beetle…one client’s Discovery Session

Standing at the doorway of change

Wanting to move forward

is not always a fun place to be.

It’s magical and mystical,

Yet most times it’s pretty damn scary.

Maybe you’ve sat in the muck for a while

feeling confused and disappointed.

Maybe you’ve reached out and asked for support.

Hired a coach or mentor that just didn’t get your ‘woo-woo’.

Or you’ve gone into a coaching community

only to get lost in the crowd.

Been there, done that.

Here’s what I want to say…

I’m here when you’re ready.

But first you must trust.

Then you must decide.

Then Ask and Act.

One day my phone rang.

It was close to Christmas and truth is

I didn’t feel like answering.

I’m glad I did. It was Carolyn.

A young widow.  Business Owner. Interior Designer. Beautiful Woman.

In meditation Carolyn asked for answers.

Said a prayer and did an internet search.

My name came up.

We just talked.

“I want to bring spirit into my design practice. Can it be done?”

I laughed and said yes.

I shared my story, of what interior design is really about.

The spirit of Home and Place.

When I hung up I “heard” call her right back.

Invited Carolyn to coach with me for 90 days.

Her money was tight.

She did it anyway.

We both had faith.

I listened. She showed up.

I knew in her mess was a great gift.

A BIG message.

A blessing that would transform women’s lives.

Here’s what Carolyn wrote on Facebook to her MWC community…

Michele Grace has been one of my Life Coaches since 2010,

I’ve introduced her to many of my girlfriends and I can’t explain how, but:

– She has truly assisted me in finding the ‘message in my mess’ in a soulful way.

– She created my astrology Vision*Keeping chart that helped me understand myself better to the core.

– She taught me about ‘shared journeys’ and universal energetic flow.

– She helped me have a greater faith in God’s word and understand Jesus’ message. She’s an interfaith minister.

– She turned the direction of how I do interior design in a soulful way. She’s an interior designer (non-practicing).

– She helped me discover my own strength and courage and happiness in every area of my life.

– When we met I wanted her to ‘Help me move my life to another level of higher happiness and purpose’. Not by telling me what to do, but simply allowing me to find it myself with visionary guidance.

– With her, I was able to break past my own mental chains.

– She has special vision.

– She’s an angel in a VW Beetle.

– She’s weird in a good way. She gave me permission to embrace my own weirdness and I never look back.

I’m an Aquarian. I’ve always been intuitive, but I didn’t know I was a ‘Wounded Healer’ until I met Michele Grace.

All of us are; we all have something to give back.

Modern Widow’s Club was birthed in the years of me consciously choosing courageously to find my own inner hero (the true me). She helped me believe in my divine purpose (the reason I exist) and be ok with going forward to share it and be it without fear, without limitations. It has transformed me. It brought me to knowing you.

That was 4 years ago. It’s been hard work, I won’t lie.

Ask yourself, where do you want your life to be in 4 years?

I would say it’s worth it just to call in with an open mind. See you there rebel.



Carolyn Moor
Founder and Director




If you are ready to say YES!

There are many ways for us to work together.

Pray on it. Journey on it. Decide and act.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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“I am one who does not follow where the path leads,
but goes where there is no path. I am forging new trails.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson