Initiate 2018 Planning Retreat

WOOHOO! it’s the 6th Annual Initiate Retreat!

Connect to what your heart longs to share with clients.

Let your weirdness shine…
Tell your story, without blame, shame or judgment.

Build a business that reflects YOUR heart’s knowing.

Understand this will unfold and shift over time.

Inspire others through your presence to work with you.

Decide to Go be seen by choice, not by chance.

Virtual 4-hour Retreat with Michele Grace

As one Vision*Keeper put it…

“Yes, yes and a million times yes.
Last year’s set me on a wonder filled path for this year.”

Get the recordings + Doodle Workbook

Set aside 4-hours and together we will work it straight through or
if you can’t make the live session work one module a day.
It’s that powerful.

It’s planning for those who love thinking outside the box.

Dear Friends,

Goals and planning are just so dang boring to me.

As an artist and healer I created a day to play with images, imaginings and inspirations called the Initiate Retreat. Now in it’s 6th year I’ve taught this process to clients who love this type of nourishing retreat.

What’s your clarion call for 2018?

We move beyond the vision board process…and 
I have a unique way of weaving the day’s experience
that serves your truth, your vision and movement.

In years past this Vision*Keeping process
helped me seed and birth both the Healer Toolkit and
the Oracle Alignment programs.

I know the possibilities! that await and
I want your dreams to manifest in REAL time for you!

Planning is so much more fun in a community of like-minded heart-centered women ready to take action,
to say YES! to manifesting their BIG Dreams!

  • Where do you want to go in 2018?
  • Where do you want to take your business and your personal life?
  • What experiences do you want to create for yourself?
  • Spirit’s whispering, are you listening?

You’re invited to join the Initiate 2018 Retreat.

Attending a virtual retreat is easy: you are on and off the phone in the comfort of your home: you can sip tea, journal, collage and walk your own land during the breaks to take your journey and aha’s deeper.

As you move deeper into the holiday season, when are you going to have the time and energy to plan 2017? Make the decision to spend the day with us- it’s easy and fun!

STEP into to the MAGIC of the MOMENT and the MYSTERY of YOU
by engaging the ALCHEMICAL journey through
Michele Grace’s proven Vision*Keeping process.

The fiery passionate Sagittarius within YOU LOVES to EXPLORE, she is all about claiming your good fortune by saying YES! to your VISION. In Capricorn she creates the container.

When the Sun moves through Sagittarius it’s time to expand into YOUR vision, and take a creative risk.

YES! I’m ready.


Session includes:

  • 24- page Initiate Doodle + Journal Workbook
  • (4) hour of audios that lead you to finding your Vision for 2018
    [If you can’t make the live session, listen later, move through the audios and workbook at your own pace]
  • Private Facebook Group to share and ask questions.
  • Follow-up Q&A Group Call December 28th at 2pm Eastern.

I’ll help you seed 2018 by grounding your intentions before the Cancer Full Moon on New Year’s Day.

I promise you create magic when you claim your inherent gifts and talents, and say YES! to the magic of manifesting.
But first you have to show up and step into 2018 in a wonder-filled magical way.

With love,

Michele Grace Lessirard
Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach
Marketing for Healers

Marketing for healers, taking you from woo-woo to who’s who in 90 days with practical heart-centered business building tools.”


Michele Grace is an amazing coach. She brings her spirit and energy to the calls with love and joy. She has incredible clarity, insight and intuition both innate and from the world around us that makes each coaching session powerfully transformative. Working with Michele has brought me in touch with my soul as well as given me tremendous guidance to move forward in my coaching business. Anyone working with her will find that she truly is a treasure. – Bonnie Brockett-Kuhn


About Michele Grace: Coaching that takes you from “woo-woo to who’s who®” in 90 days with practical heart-centered business building tools.

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht. is founder of the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs. She’s encourages women whose lives have changed to make use of today’s technology to manifest their BIG dreams. Guiding you to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable–all of which appeals to this smart, spirit-led business woman, healer and artist. Michele Grace is a wisdom teacher, certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach and SoulCollage® facilitator. She is the author of the Healer Toolkit.



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