“What happened for you when I handed out the chocolate bars?”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

“You looked like something was seriously wrong…are you okay?”

Shannon handed out these gorgeous chocolate bars at her event Time and Freedom Live; showcasing the story on the wrapper.
The sponsor was…

Tony’s Chocolonely.

Hello there, I’m Tony Chocolonely. I exist to end slavery in the chocolate industry. My mission is to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Together with you. Together we’ll make chocolate 100% slave free. Are you in? Read the inside of this wrapper.

Crazy about chocolate. Serious about people.

Well I’m not okay after reading the story about chocolate.

I’m a lover of chocolate.
Dark chocolate.
I didn’t have a clue about
it’s connection to slavery.

Saturday sitting at the table I wanted to cry.
I woke up.
Once you wake up you can’t go back to pretending.
That’s what Shannon saw from the stage.
Me coming out of the fog.
Into truth.

What would it take to stop ingesting
chocolate produced by slaves?

What would it take to serve FairTrade Chocolate?

Chocolate, in shamanic terms, is food from the Gods.
The spirit of the cacao bean is sacred.
It helps people ground.
It helps people align.
It’s handed out at all the circles I’ve attended.

For the last 25 years.

Spiritual circles.
Aligned with source.
Allies matter.

What are you going to serve at your next event?
To your family?

Slave or Fairtrade Chocolate?
I’m choosing differently.
Choice. Creates. Change.

Want your own Fairtrade Chocolate?
Please check out and support www.tonyschocolonely.com


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