One of my websites went off line.
Didn’t pay a bill on time.
Owed $12…
turned out to be $135 more.
Heavy. Heavy. Heavy.
I asked
“Do I need to change hosts?”
Will this create more in 5 years?
Light. Light. Light.
BTW I hate changing hosts.
Well I didn’t follow up… and forgot.
Then went to update the website
Red error boxes greeted me.
WTF. Okay.
Monday I changed hosts.
Saved the $135.
Took less than 2 hours.
Tech support rocked.
Red error box gone.
Heavy takes more energy.
Things feel like I’m slogging
through molasses.
It’s hard to get traction.
Light feels… well light.
Things manifest.
With ease. grace. joy.
Heavy. Light.
It’s a choice.

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