Travelers, there is no path. Paths are made by walking.-Antonio Machado

That is the perfect quote as we move into the Sagittarius energies this week. Sagittarius in your birth chart asks you to take a risk, and stand up for your truth. Truth telling requires soulful path workers.

Wanting & waiting for direction?

Some people wait their whole lives for the “right’ path to show up when it’s already seeded there within you, seeded before birth- your Soul’s call.

From a shamanic perspective
Just as there is a void in the Universe,
There is the same void within you
That offers us creative solutions
To our apparent problems.

How well we navigate this deep space within depends on
how we surrender to the creative force…
Spirit is whispering, and this month it’s time to listen.

You are born with a gift to share in your community.
There is no better time to meet, greet and activate your soul gift than
when the Sun moves through fiery Sagittarius.

Take advantage of this time by
joining the New Moon, New ME! Teleclass
Sunday afternoon to hear more.

The Grace of Wonder

Register for the Sagittarius New Moon, New ME! Audio and Journal Prompts
The audio and journal prompts are taken down 1 week after the new moon.

On the call I share 3 ways to work with your fiery Sagittarius and the  Spark of Drama, Desire, Determination on the upcoming new moon December 2nd. You’ll get the recording and journal prompts, but you must be registered for the call. This offering has expired.

Dreams are a powerful thing…and when you say YES! To the power of your dreams the path appears, doors open. In Scorpio we are called to let go, in Sagittarius we are called to walk forward. I’ll share how to do this on the New Moon, New ME! Teleclass on Sunday.

As a visionary woman you are called to blaze a new trail, and create magic for others to witness so they have the courage to say YES! to their magic. 2014 will be an auspicious year…and this new moon decide to take action. Show up. Say YES! even with your fear and doubt. I’ll show you how on Sunday’s F.REE call.

Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius represents desire and expansion. This month you are being called to move beyond fears, doubts and indecision. Jupiter is now moving through the sign Cancer is asking you to get comfortable taking a risk, to say YES! to mo.ney + creating abundance = YOU stepping out beyond your comfort zone. While Mercury moved through Scorpio (he’s just finishing up) you let go of some pretty big stuff so you can take a RISK in Sagittarius — become the POSSIBLITARIAN — and take your work out into the world.

This momentous moment you are seeding your VISIONS for planting next spring. Sure you’re ready.

Why partner with the new moon? Show up if you want to…

* follow your inner mystery.
* activate your intuition.
* dissolve problems and find new solutions.

You don’t have to ‘know’ astrology to get this. Just show up and listen in. I hold the New Moon, New ME! Teleclass calls 3-10 days before the New Moon so you can work with the New Moon energy in a proactive way rather than reacting to it. Sign up today, you’ll get the recording…and I’ll be listening for you on the call.

With love,


Michele Grace Lessirard
Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach
Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs & Marketing For Healers


“Working with the New Moon, New ME! has been awesome!”

“Your wisdom has walked besides me in more than one crisis.”

Image used with permission from Florin Garoi