Where were you the day Kennedy was shot? Mrs. Donahue, my 2nd grade teacher, tutored a disabled girl every day after school. Standing next to the blackboard lining up for the bus, the young woman came into the class crying telling us President Kennedy was dead.  After that I remember watching the funeral procession on television, and my dad sobbing at the dinner table.  Daddy crying was a big deal. I was seven years old. Here we are 50 years later and here are my thoughts.

We are healing at a deep level this week and many don’t even recognize it as such. Issues of power, safety and trust come to mind. Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio was intense for so many clients and friends. Dredging up. Bringing it to the light. Scorpio’s task is to bring your emotional wounds up to the light of day so you can heal. Death of the old way so you can move into the new form.

The brilliant visionary psychotherapist Carl Jung wrote it takes 50 years for a concept to become integrated into the collective unconscious. In astrology it takes 49-50 years for Chiron, the wounded healer, to make a return to the day of the event. Chiron was in Pisces in 1963, that’s where Chiron sits today. Chiron shows where you are wounded and always brings with him the tools for you to heal.

What’s past is prologue. – William Shakespeare

As a healer I’ve performed hundreds of shamanic soul retrievals for clients over the last two decades. “Where have I lost power and how is that effecting me today?”  Living through devastating community effects of Hurricane Andrew I witnessed the collective soul loss (PTSD) showing up in the energetic field in our community every August, the anniversary of the event. It took a decade for this to clear.

The day of Kennedy’s assassination the global community was wounded, something died in order to be reborn. Shadow issues related to power are clearly being seen today so we can heal. Look what’s happened over the last 50 years. We are in the midst of that rebirth. If you were alive on the day, check-in to see what was seeded within you at the time of the event. Ask for it to be revealed.

What happened for you on that day?
How did you handle the experience?
How did your parents handle the experience?

Invite parents and family members into healing conversations about what was happening for them, look for the healing stories. What wants to come forward? Witness it as an Oracle for these times, and say Yes! to what wants attention. Feelings may bubble up seemingly out of nowhere, and you may not be able to explain the why. Something will be revealed that surprises you. This will unfold over the next five days… it’s preparing you for the New Moon on December 2.

I’m speaking to those of us…the way showers and transformers. There is something clearing in the collective psyche, issues with power and healing the soul loss of losing a visionary. Of you being a visionary and seeing someone get killed for their beliefs (so many women carry this trauma). Send light and prayers to Dallas, to Washington, to Boston. To the Kennedy family.  The next 24 hours the Sun is passing over the mark where the event happened. If you find yourself inspired take action. If you find yourself in tears, give thanks you’re helping to clear the gunk from this planetary event. May the shadow be revealed and healed with love.

Artwork: Jamie Wyeth