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LEO New Moon, New ME! Teleclass

Desire + Inspire = Grace of Creativity
Thursday, August 1st, 2013
7pm Eastern | 6pm Central | 5pm Mountain | 4pm Pacific

The Aquarius Full Moon (July 22nd, 2013) represented the grace of service. July 29th is the Star of David planetary alignment. A rare magical event to set your intentions into motion. Getting us ready to receive and embody the Grace of Creativity on the Leo New Moon August 6th. Maybe you’re having flashes of insight to solve problems, grow your business.

The Keyword: Innovate

What you seeded at the New Moon in Aquarius February is now manifesting. The New Order. Be the Storyteller. Find Your SPARK.  It’s the passion that attracts the client’s you are called to SERVE.

The New Moon in Leo (8/06/2013) represents the grace of creativity. Leo and Aquarius collaborate together in service to your (mess)age as a healer. Are you ready to SHOW up?

Who have I come to serve with my unique gifts and talents? Live my Brilliance. Leo Rules the 5th House: The need to be important and to be recognized. All things about the Sun- brilliance, radiance, golden.

Shine your brightest. Create and take a risk to be seen. Opportunities and divine downloads…fiery passion to make your dreams a reality. To serve I must understand what I am called to create and Leo ruled by the Sun touches all of our lives with its brilliance.

Shamanic Astrologer Michele Grace Lessirard talks about the energy of the moment and the energy unfolding. Michele Grace has consciously worked with the Star Beings for the last 20 years in her New Moon work. She’ll talk about that relationship, the energy of Leo and how you can connect to your own inner wisdom through the journey of the New Moon this month.

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