Do you know how to tap into the energy of the moon to manifest your hopes wishes and dreams? How are you called to lead this year?

Aries is all about action. What you plant with your intentions now you’ll be harvesting next fall. If you plant weeds- you’ll be harvesting weeds. If you plant good seeds in your business, take action, then you’ll be harvesting creative projects, new clients and more prosperity.

“Every calling is great when greatly pursued.”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

What is the divine feminine way of leading?

What is your call and response to these energies? The house where the sign Aries sits in your birth chart indicates how you are called to lead the way for others. If you have issues with being seen or don’t understand the gifts you came to share then Aries may seem confusing.

Many times that Aries energy comes by way of anger- fiery passion turned inward. Are you ready to claim your passion? It’s time at the Aries New Moon. Go big, go bold, just do it. It’s a time of TRUST because you won’t see the results right away. You’re invited to come join me at the New Moon Teleclass. The world needs your passion, your gifts, your talents, your service, the power of your presence. If not now, when?

Join shamanic astrologer, Michele Grace in the Complimentary New Moon in Aries Teleclass
The Recording is Now Available. Just fill out the register and you’ll be taken directly to the downloadable recording and Journal prompts.

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