I’ve opened up 10 private 1:1 sessions at a special investment of $97, this limited time offer ends November 1, 2012.

You’ll leave  your session with an a-ha about what Saturn-n-Scorpio means for you personally and professionally and how to work with the energy.

When I create art, my life shifts. When I dance, my life shifts. When I sing, my life shifts. That’s what Saturn in Scorpio is about- shifting and transformation.-Michele Grace

Once you pay, you’ll be taken to the form to schedule your private session with shamanic astrologer Michele Grace. Raise your hand quick because these sessions will be snapped up quick.

What is Saturn moving through the sign Scorpio asking of you?

What does that story mean for you personally?

We all need tools support our BIG Visions and master the fear so we can USE that energy as a force for change. Intuitive women it’s your time to shine and step into the SUN.

It’s simple…deliberately dancing with Saturn using the Moon as a guide and you’ll re-awaken your intuitive flow within that will helps you:

  • End the confusion.
  • Restore/renew creativity.
  • Helps you get clear and moves you into action so you can
  • Build a stronger) business and make more money.

So excited to spend this time with you…