Yay! here’s the first New Moon Journal video. Of course I got the date wrong.

New Moon inVirgo
Saturday, September 15 at 10:11 pm
24 hours before figure out what’s tweaking you. What needs attention? What are you wishing for at this new moon, collage it, dance it, give it expression. 24 hours after the new moon let the intention fly to the stars…give it over to the Goddess.

Let’s talk about 24° Virgo …any planets in your chart at Virgo/Pisces, Gemini/Sagittarius? That’s where the action is.

“I am one who does not follow where the path leads, but goes where there is no path. I am forging new trails.”

Blazing new trails, new thoughts and new ideas may be a little chaotic- that’s where your Virgo comes into play. You need a strong Virgo to ground the ideas and put them into action.

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