Call #1 Spirit of Messaging
3 Breakthrough Steps to Attracting Clients
Monthly Acceleration Training Call
August 13th, 2012 at 7:00pm Eastern

Call #2 Coaching and Q&A Call with Michele Grace
August 20th, 2012 at 7:00pm Eastern We meet on the phone for 75 minutes: you can ask any question and/or get laser coaching.

Call #3 LEO New Moon, New ME!

Your investment for 3 “business boosting” calls is only $97

Yep!- monthly investment includes three (3) calls- Training, Q&A and New Moon, New ME! call
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Each monthly training series with Michele Grace addresses a specific 10K theme for healers, so the energy, intention and information not only builds momentum but also keeps you on track in your healing business. You’ve prepared your whole life for the grand unfolding in 2012.

Watching the petals of the Olympic cauldron come together in unity symbolically represents the fire within each of us reaching out and connecting with one another.

“Marketing is the act of communicating we have something of Value to share.”- Lynn Serafinn, 7 Graces of Marketing.

Last night I watched the American gymnasts go through their routines vying for the gold. Too often we forget these young women have been in training getting ready for this moment since preschool. We forget the back story. With dedication, determination and passion they arrived in London ready. They know their value, they know what to do.

What’s your story? BE a storyteller. Find the SPARK… It’s the passion that attracts the clients you are meant to SERVE

Do you know what your next right step? What have you been training for your whole entire life? Soulfully training? Many women come to their healership through a wounding that makes them a gifted healer…a carrier of spirit on earth embodied. That wounding becomes the catalysts for transformation just by the power of your presence….that attracts the people you are called to serve.

3 must have steps for living your brilliance:

  • Get out of your head and into your heart. Ban the inner critic and all the excuses for living small.
  • Say YES! to moving your work forward, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. Then Act on that YES!
  • Collaborate with other heart-minded women who are willing to get into the game of life and play full out. Find your hive, your team that inspires the best in you, and brings out your leadership.

That means being a healer and embracing the business aspects of creating a viable, sustainable professional business. There is too much going on in the world to remain silent. Let’s come together, heart-to-heart, with inspiration and transformational stories that invite others to step into the circle.

“We often find ourselves subconsciously collaborating with others who share the same wounds we do, unconsciously supporting each other in justification and denial. Alliances can be powerful networks of support and encouragement, but in the hands of fear mind, they are anything but that….break free of the chains that bind you.”- Marianne Williamson

Who are you hanging with and are they getting you where you need to go? Wouldn’t you like a community of women where you can bounce ideas with, and play full out? This month I am asking you to invest in yourself and your business by joining with me on the monthly calls. Let me help you take your work out into the world.