My mom’s worry-wart wisdom “What will people think?” is a family belief passed down from three generations of women who grew up in a very small, gossipy town. The belief was so ingrained in my consciousness that each time I’d start down an unfamiliar path mom’s caution would bubble up.

So at this new moon I am asking you “how am I still running someone else’s skewed mindset?” Does it really serve you?  At this new moon in Taurus, with Mercury direct and Mars ready to shift out of retrograde, things are starting to move forward. It’s the perfect time to do clean up in aisle 6 around your money story.

The 2nd house Taurus, earthy energy represents issues with self-worth, self-esteem and abundance= good money. Are you suffering from the Brokeback Healer syndrome?

As Brokeback healers when we operate from a worry-wart wisdom place [worry, fear, doubt] you’ll contract, distract/get fuzzy, and go off track.  The low self-worth shows up as poor boundaries, not speaking your truth, over-giving in client sessions, and not charging what you are worth. Worry Wart Wisdom leads to undervaluing and robs us of energy; to the extreme it shows up in your life as a brokeback healer.

I’ll be talking more about the Brokeback healer syndrome at the Taurus New Moon Teleclass because it’s time to find your BIG ‘why’ and heal your money story.

Aries New Moon Teleclass
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 
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