I wanted to give you an invitation to a F.REE Training call that I will be doing next week:

6-Figure Mo.ney Secrets: How to Turn Your Healing Gifts into a Lucrative Business Using Power of the Taurus Full Moon.

Full Moon in Taurus Teleclass
November 9th, 2011
8:00 pm Eastern | 7:00 pm Central | 5:00 pm Pacific

Let’s come together to get ready to step fully into the 11-11-11 energies on Friday.

The Taurus Full Moon on November 10th is about saying YES! to the sparkle of your vision (gold) and YES! to the energy of mo.ney in your life.

Come to the call to learn how to work with the Taurus energy and how to use the planetary energies of the moment to step into the flow, find your spark and sparkle with mo.ney.

Mo.ney, like water, is meant to flow through you to others, to grow your business by hiring, by investing in team and technology to take your message out into the world; to leave a legacy. To embrace both spirit and money so you can go be brilliant and change lives.

Yet as healers, your mo.ney mindset, may be keeping you overwhelmed and even broke. Is your unconscious mo.ney story getting in the way? Are you:

  • doing too much?
  • not charging enough?
  • spending too long in DIY mode?
  • in debt or heading there?

How is this costing your time and energy at the expense of your creativity? books not written and classes not taught?

Many healers don’t even know their mo.ney story is running the show! I have a proven system to help you release this baggage so you don’t carry it into 2012! But you have to join the call to hear the details, and I promise it will be informative and fun. You’ll come away with aha’s that can shift your life.

“Making fabulous money is part of your spiritual path. It’s easier to make more money than it is to make less.”- Kendall SummerHawk.