F.REE Sagittarius New Moon, New ME! Teleclass Audio
Be the Possiblitarian: Taking Flight with Broken Wings

All about Sag & creating a New Moon Sagittarius SoulCollage® card.
Link to How to create a SoulCollage® card.

Join Michele Grace’s monthly new moon salon where she discusses the energy of the moment and how to tap into the Mystery of you.

What’s in store? Where is Sag in your chart? What is the call at this time in your business? Curious minds want to know.



Travelers, there is no path.
Paths are made by walking.-Antonio Machado

That is the perfect quote as we move into the Sagittarius energies next week. Mercury is already in Sag stirring the pot as he goes retrograde on Thanksgiving. Mercury is about communication, Sag is about taking a risk, and standing up for your truth. Truth telling requires soulful path workers.

Wanting and waiting for direction? Some wait their whole lives for the “right’ path to show up when it’s already there within you, seeded before birth- your Soul’s call.

As a visionary woman you are called to blaze a new trail, and create magic for others to witness so they have the courage to say YES! To their magic. 2014 will be an auspicious year…this new moon decide to take action. Show up. Say YES!

Dreams are a powerful thing…and when you say YES! To the power of your dreams your path appears, doors open. In Scorpio we are called to let go, in Sagittarius we are called to walk forward. I’ll share how.

Jupiter asks you to take a risk, to say YES! to mo.ney + creating abundance = YOU stepping out beyond your comfort zone. In Scorpio the call is to let go so you can harvest seeds (creative vision). Then take a RISK in Sag- become the POSSIBLITARIAN and take your work out into the world. You are seeding your VISIONS for planting next spring.

The key is to show up now so you’ll be ready then…. just Show up, make a wish.