Dream/Lead/Serve you’ll hear me talk about this a lot as we create Hives that thrive in 2011. ALL New Moons ask you to shadow dance- new moons reveal a layer of your blessed wound so you can restore trust, vitality and creativity within like never before. Embrace each new moon with this awareness and your life will shift.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse
January 4th, 2011 at 14 degrees of Capricorn
Full Moon in Cancer
January 19, 2011 at 30 degrees of Cancer

March 2011 Uranus moves into Aries for the first time in 84 years; right now Uranus stands with Jupiter finishing up in Pisces- the sign of the dreamer. First we dream, and then we move forward into action, in support of that dream. Pisces asks you to DREAM. Aries asks you to LEAD. 2011 Vision boards are done, intentions ready…now what action steps are you ready to take to make things happen?

Uranus acts as a lightning bolt; this energy wakes you up like a jolt from outside events. Uranus rules Aquarius the place of service in our birth charts.

Who have I come to serve, and
How am I leading with the gifts spirit/source/god/goddess gave me?

THIS NEW MOON IS A SOUL RETRIEVAL ON STEROIDS…for you and your clients. One sign builds on another, so today as we greet a powerful eclipse energy at the New Moon in Capricorn understand that the structure/support/boundaries in your life are undergoing a deep transformation. And because it’s an eclipse the energy is with us for several months. I feel this in my bones…

The next three weeks none of the 15 planetary energies are in retrograde, there is only forward movement until Saturn moves retrograde on January 25th. As one evolutionary astrologer shares:

“Hold nothing back during this special Three-Week-Direct launch of the New Year, for this gush of forward motion will not be repeated for a long time.”

Mars stands as the gatekeeper to your third chakra energy…he rules fiery passion and inner rage. Humbly and sometimes grumbling I am shadow dancing with my Mars in Capricorn…that’s what happens when Pluto comes knocking on your Mars (3rd chakra) while Uranus/Jupiter are dancing on my Pisces Sun (God/Enlightenment) demanding I take note. Wake up Michele. WAKE UP!

And maybe you are in it too… remember the battle cry of the late 80’s and early 90’s was Co-dependent no more! Better boundaries for better relationships. Those lessons are coming HOME (think of the sign Cancer- home/roots/mother) to me in a new way as Saturn dances through Libra.

No coincidence during those years Uranus |Neptune |Saturn moved through Capricorn- build a new structure! Respond. Be Responsible.

Uranus wakes you up, Neptune shows how you are checking out [addiction] and Saturn demands a new structure. What you are called to create today that was seeded when Uranus danced through Capricorn (1988-1996?

The Capricorn/Cancer polarity of New and Full Moons this month brings gifts from your compassionate ancestors…the lineage you harken from in this lifetime. Yet the veils are so thin now it seems that everything and everyone on the etheric plane is rushing forward for clearing and deeper understanding. As a shamanic healer and teacher you are the catalyst for change.

Much like the lightning bolt of Uranus we find ourselves letting go of old ways that no longer serve us. That is the promise of each new moon, what part of my past; my shadow self is ready to come to light? Soul retrieval at it’s best. For shamanic women this blessing field is to be cultivated and explored- here are clues to the seat of your power. The marrow of your bones for transformation so I can lead and serve. That wound is your blessing field you offer to others just by the power of your presence to be real and open. Your story invites others to step into their blessing field to be real and transform. Don’t hide, it’s time we share our healing stories.

Find a mentor/coach who knows how to travel this path and knows how to help you bring out the best in you. Your story needs to be shared with others so you become a catalyst for change. Make 2011 the year you go be seen by choice, not by chance.

Michele’s Journey:

All this Capricorn energy lands in both my 2nd [self-worth] and 3rd house [communication]. In order to communicate effectively, I must dance with old wounds related to self-worth and net worth. No surprise during the holidays my neck | throat | shoulders reacted- exactly where the energy got stuck in 1989! The body offers up deep wisdom to what is out of balance.

In the early 80’s my shoulders mysteriously locked up so I couldn’t raise my arms…an aching cold ran through my back, even with a heating pad I couldn’t get warm enough. I entered therapy, remembered being pushed up against a cold basement wall at the age of 3. When I showed up (therapy and bodywork), my body offered up the story and my shoulders stopped locking up.HooHa!

With Mom’s death I started releasing memory from my nervous system (Gemini/third house). Simultaneously I am shadow dancing with the mindset of my maternal grandmother | mother | Michele’s world view and contemplating the decisions I made based on early childhood programing…witnessing what’s out of balance and seeking a new way. It’s weird, it’s awesome and it’s all okay.

Third house is about siblings- SISTERHOOD, truth telling, heart-centered wisdom from an empowered place of care and understanding for self. Love instead of co-dependence.

  • What part of you did abandon to be in relationship with another person?
  • What needs attention today? Pluto is now moving over the Capricorn area in your chart demanding change-deep from within.
  • Saturn is in Libra demands balance. Pluto is in Capricorn wakes you up.

This New Moon in Capricorn/Solar Eclipse and the next 3 weeks highlights transformation and lightning bolts of awareness. Sudden flashes of knowing what was hidden in the shadows…watch for this, honor this time. Your compassionate ancestors are dancing you, calling to you. Wake up and listen. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the 1st chakra we are dealings with tribal conditioning, the Marrow of your bones. Winter is about going inward to allow the seed energy time to renew and rest.

How to Work with this energy…

Where is this Capricorn energy and new moon happening for you? Run your chart and check it out.

Looking to the time Uranus was in Capricorn (1989-1996) journal and create SoulCollage© cards for the energy that wants to be revealed.

  • How did I abandon myself for another during that time?
  • What from my past is ready to come forward and serve me today?
  • How do I love without giving myself away (Saturn in Libra)?
  • What way is my body [marrow of my bones] reacting and responding?
  • What needs attention so I can move forward?

24 hours before the new moon watch how you are being tweaked, what is your intention,, what do you need let go of to move forward with your dreams.

24 hours after the new moon release the intentions. Write them down, release them to the fire, and/or bury them. Trust that all will be revealed. It may get a bit chaotic, trust the process. By the Full Moon things will be manifesting…honor the sacred dance with joy and love.

Bright blessings at this new moon,

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About Michele Grace Lessirard

Shamanic astrologer and wisdom teacher Michele Grace is a stargazing mid-century modern woman who loves exploring new frontiers. She leads spirited gals from woo-woo to who’s who over at the Global Alliance for Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs. Michele encourages women whose lives and circumstances have changed to make use of today’s new science and technology; guiding them to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable–all of which appeals to this smart, spirit-driven business woman, healer and artist.

Be prepared for the consequences–your Work together will open up longings and dreams leading you to your own random acts of divine inspiration. Michele shows you the way to and through the door of betwixt and between where your mystery and magic dwells. Follow the lunar dance for 90 days and you will find your soul’s mystery and magic.