The Aquarius New Moon

ALL New Moons ask you to shadow dance- new moons reveal a layer of your blessed wound so you can restore trust, vitality and creativity within like never before. Embrace each new moon with this awareness and your life will shift. In these sessions Michele Grace teaches you how to find the mystery of you in bits of paper and glue through the New Moon and SoulCollage­® process.

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February 2, 2011 at 14° of Aquarius

Full Moon in LEO
February 18, 2011 at 30° of Leo

March 2011 Uranus moves into Aries for the first time in 84 years; right now Uranus stands with Jupiter finishing up in Pisces- the sign of the dreamer.

First we dream, and then we move forward into action, in support of that dream. Pisces asks you to DREAM BIG. Aries asks you to LEAD.  Uranus [Freedom] acts as a lightning bolt; this energy wakes you up like a jolt from outside events. Uranus rules Aquarius the place of service in our birth charts.

Who have I come to serve, and
How am I leading with the gifts
spirit/source/god/goddess gave me?

Aquarius. I love this time of year! because the next three new moons are very powerful for setting your hopes wishes and dreams into action.

January 22 Jupiter, the sign of the teacher, moved back into Aries. The last time Jupiter was in the sign  Aries 12 years ago- 1999. Clue- what was on your plate that year?

Jupiter first entered Aries last summer, but then went retrograde- moving backward into Pisces/spirituality/muse energy. Can I trust my inner connection to spirit and move out in the world from that place of knowing. YES!

Something big is happening for us as women. We’re on the brink of an evolutionary shift with the potential to alter the course of history.

Millions of us around the world are feeling a calling to reclaim the feminine, and in so doing, to awaken our authentic power to co-create the future of our lives and shape the future of our world. You may be experiencing it as an impulse to evolve yourself, to realize the potential of your creative gifts and talents and to make your greatest

Aries partnering with Libra’s energy represents this evolutionary shift in divine feminine leadership. It starts with an empowered women YOU who knows her truth, is connected to spirit and values faith, family, community and service.

Who have I come to serve (Aquarius)?
And how am I leading the way (Aries)?

With Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries we are heading for a tension of opposites
tribal conditioning/1st chakra/Saturn with creative/feeling/2nd chakra/Jupiter.

Seek the balance found in your heart’s desires and soul’s whispers.

Jupiter wants you to expand into your leadership role as a healer, intuitive woman. Saturn wants you to remain grounded, stable and balanced while doing so. It is within the tension of opposites the Jupiter/Saturn dance that your breakthrough happens. Expect aha’s.

Fiery Jupiter asks you to take a risk, step into your Authentic Self, more so when Jupiter moves through Aries. Jupiter’s represents core values of truth and wisdom. Authenticity. In a birth chart the placement of Jupiter shows your natural ability, how to embrace your ‘original medicine’ and embody this expansive energy for self and the community you serve.
“Look at me, I’m doing it, you can too.”

One becomes ‘THE TEACHER’ of their Jupiter energy by traveling beyond the known, learning something new, mastering the energy it and then teaching from that experience. Jupiter asks us to connect with, embody the ‘God of our understanding’ through our inner knowing [versus what we are told about God]. Jovial Jupiter is the teacher with an attitude. I feel a new level of freedom coming on!

This Aquarius New Moon will highlight your issues:
•    Being different- the maverick, the renegade, the free thinker. Independent
•    Inventive Solutions- Understanding how things work.
•    Seeing the Future- New trends and unconventional approaches.
•    Humanitarian Attitudes- Operating from a larger world view.
•    Revelation- Unexpected surprises or results.
•    Humor- Objectivity, Tools of Divination
•    Friends- Reciprocity, the giving and receiving, networking
•    Excessive Attachment- Fear of involvement, inflexible opinions, cold aloofness
•    Jupiter was in Aquarius 1997 and 2008. What happened? How can the experiences of that time and place serve your healership today?

Where is Aquarius in your chart?  Any planets in Aquarius?

Whether you know astrology or not…reflect and journal about those years Jupiter spent in Aries. There is a message for you good work out in the world today.

This week Saturn moves into retrograde until June of 2011, along the way he opposes Jupiter in Aries. Oppositions bring up a challenge to the status quo…the roots of this seeded in October 2010. This energy is like a full moon; something within you has come to fruition- it’s time. Time for what depends on your journey…I’ll speak more to this in the teleclass on Thursday. Do you have any planets that sit at 13-15° in the signs Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn?

Jupiter in Aries asks you to step up and lead. What does that look like for you? Is it local in a drumming circle, online teaching teleclasses, giving workshops? How are you stepping forward and sharing your gifts. Jupiter was in Aries 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951. That’s a key point I’ll be sharing about on Thursday’s call.  As we move into spring the Saturn/Jupiter opposition becomes exact March 26th…so why talk about it now? I want shamanic women to really dig in at this Aquarius New Moon.

  • What project have you been dreaming of, what’s spirit/source/god/ess asking you to bring forward and share.
  • Can you tell me clearly what your Great Work is and where you are going with it?
  • How are you dancing with resistance? There is a story there…I’ll be sharing more on Thursday in the Aquarius New Moon Teleclass.

24 hours before the new moon watch how you are being tweaked, what is your intention, what do you need let go of to move forward with your dreams.

24 hours after the new moon release the intentions. Write them down, release them to the fire, and/or bury them. Trust that all will be revealed. It may get a bit chaotic, trust the process. By the Full Moon things will be manifesting…honor the sacred dance with joy and love.

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