98285405_8 It's time to embrace the New Economy, to be an Explorer that puts spiritual truths into action. The world will be saved by the Western Woman. Dalai Lama  Come join my Fr*ee teleclass 7 Steps to Manifesting for Healers. On the call I'll talk about the energy of money, why as a healer you may be pushing money away, plus I'll introduce you to a new community- the Global Alliance for Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs.

If you're a shamanic practitioner- teacher, healer, astrologer, artist, or holistic practitioner and want to serve your clients, charge what you're worth and make better money doing what you LOVE, then you need to know these tips and techniques I am going to share. And if you are a long time fan of the New Moon Journal and just like my style and stories…you're invited too!

"7 steps to Manifesting for Healers"
Thursday December 9th, 2010
8:00 pm ET,  7:00 pm MT,  5:00 PT

YES! register me for the call. Please pass this information on and share it with friends and family members, women you know of like mind and spirit. Holding back may be contrbuting to your money woes…and I'll share why on the call. Thanks so much!

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It's time to embrace the New Economy, to be an Explorer that puts spiritual truths into action. The world will be saved by the Western Woman. Dalai Lama

I know the power of women helping other women succeed as visionary leaders out in the world. Isolation is your #1 dream killer. AsWe connect, you commit to bold action steps that lead you to be seen in the world in a new way through the support, fellowship, friendship, and encouragement of like minded women.

Over the next 90 days you'll see changes here at the New Moon Journal. I realize that my new passion and mission may not be for you, so do feel free to say good-bye now or in the future and just know I wish you the very best!

And for those who stay to join the transformation- build-connect-inspire with me…WOOHOO! it's going to be a rockin' good time in 2011! -Michele Grace Lessirard

Here's my coaches request as we move through the month. Before the call, you may want to create create a SoulCollage© for your Explorer who is ready to live this affirmation:

Be an Explorer…I am the One who has the Courage to Clarify and take action, by speaking my truth and stepping out into the light in a BOLD new way.

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