Mbmlogo1 2010 is winding down and we are getting ready to start the new year. The Scorpio New Moon 10 days ago asked you to let go [we are still in it]; she leads us to the Taurus full moon next Sunday, 11/21. Taurus is about having a healthy sense of self in place that creates value and abundance from your good efforts. What's been revealed over the last ten days? Would you like a breakthrough specifically around mo*ney? I am offering readers a unique opportunity to play…

I am currently training in Kendall Summerhawk's Money Breakthrough Method coaching program. The last 6 weeks have rocked my world- making connections and ahas, letting go of long standing mo*ney beliefs. So here's the thing…to meet my certification requirements in Kendall’s program I am required to do 1-2 "practice sessions" with clients, and I must be compensated/paid. I am excited to share the MBM process with you.

I have 5 3 0 practice coaching spots available. Sorry they are all gone! And WooHoo to those who said yes. We'll work on a mo*ney mindset issue that may be holding you back. This is the best time of the year to let go so you can move into 2011 with more energy and creativity.

We all have a mo*ney story to share. No one wants to be a broke or worry constantly… we want to serve, create abundance and do good things with the mo*ney we make. And sometimes we find ourselves stuck…

If you would like a breakthrough that empowers you I'll guarantee it's going to work. But you have to reserve your spot first. And this opportunity goes away Thursday midnight 11/18.

Round #1: Your investment is $65- and it won't be this low again. *smile*

Round #2  Mark you calendar November 29th I'll be offering sessions again.

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Saying yes to this offer is a two-step process, pay through the PayPal link above, after paying you'll schedule your session, so remember to click through.