2011 qscalendar Are you going to explore the mystery of you found in bits of paper and glue through the New Moon & SoulColage® process in 2011? Then you'll want to get a lunar calendar.

Yes dear Moon Dancers it's time to order our astrology calendars for the new year (2010 just flew by). My favorite is 2011 Celestial Influences Calendar by Jim Maynard.

Quicksilver Productions is shipping their calendars now. Celestial Influences is a complete astro calendar with an ephemeris. For those who don’t have astrology software to run charts, this calendar is great tool to have.

The calendar hangs on the wall near my desk…so I can look up to see what phase the Moon is in, when the Sun enters a new sign. The calendar comes in a couple different sizes/formats and it’s been one of my reference manuals for over a decade.

SoulCollage® Tip:

If you enjoy doing SoulCollage® look for calendars that go on sale…you can cut up the images for cards.

image from wemoon.ws
We'Moon is a great resource for the Divine Feminine/Goddess imagery, I savor the pages of We'Moon to use in my SoulCollage® cards. I buy calendars for the images, especially when they go on sale…

Moon Phase Schedules for Outlook

Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Then I also recomend the Moon Phase schedules from Calendar-Updates shows the exact time the phase will occur and even when the full moon is considered a “Blue Moon”. They haven't posted the 2011 calendar as yet, so keep checking in with the site.

Eclipse schedules include the time the eclipse will begin, when it will reach its’ maximum, and the geographical location where it will be visible. The calendar also includes a brief description of the type of eclipse occurring.

For $4.99 you can order a lunar calendar file (pst) that integrates the moon phases and eclipses into your Outlook calendar with your time zone- very cool tool.

In-depth detail of the Lunar Cycle

Llywellyn's 2011 Moon Signs book "Plan you life by the Cycles of the Moon" from Astrologer extraordinaire April Kent.

For those just learning astrology a calendar is a good resource to have in your library, tracking the Moon and her cycles is a way to tap into the energy of the moment and learn by osmosis.

2011 calendar


Celestial Influences 2011

Llewellyn's 2011 Astrological Calendar

We'Moon Website