Tonight we greet the New Moon in Leo. Leo is all about taking a risk, being playful through the creative juice of the 5th house. Look at the house where Leo sits in your birth chart and you’ll find that extra umph to make your dream a reality. Fiery Leo ruled by the Sun gives you spiritual light to feed your creative ideas. We live in a world of duality, and for every measure of creative light there is also a measure of dark from fear and doubt.

I am the One who stands at your threshold of change
I am the doubt, fear and shame
Listen as I get louder and louder.
Stay the course, stay the same. Resist.
Be little and small minded
those seeds are going no where…

Leo is just delicious energy, but this year we are collectively facing new energies- the cardinal cross of change. For those of us born with Pluto in Leo, our dance of dark and light is up-leveled. Pluto is the harbinger of great creative power, but Pluto also brings up your deepest fears. The archetypal force of Pluto demands we clean house, surrender all that no longer serves us. He’s the cosmic garbage collector, a change agent.

For those of us born with Pluto in Leo our creative process comes with a good measure of releasing doubt, fear and shame. A trilogy of terrorists that live within us taking us backward to go forward…the terrorist we have to face down each time we move into a new venture. It’s our collective karma…trust me you are not alone.

We Pluto’s in Leo are moving into our roles as elders for the communities we serve -be it local or online. Fear of getting old, fear of not being valued, fear of losing our youth, fear of being broke. Just fill in the blank here.

At this New Moon in Leo what creative inspiration sits before you wanting expression, and who are you feeding- the braggarts or the seed of change?

In February I started building the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs birthed from a dream/divine download. The ‘big-ness’ of this scared me…and each step towards manifesting this dream I find myself dancing with the “who do you think you are” energy.

The last couple weeks the braggarts had full measure in my head, but not my heart. I hear them and I’m doing it anyway. I remind myself of all the other times I ventured out beyond my comfort zone, how well it turned out, even in the failures there were great lessons. Who am I feeding with my life force today?

Each New Moon in Cancer (June/July) it’s important for Pluto’s in Leo’s to get our nurturing inner voice on, because as Leo approaches the roar of these voices will get louder and gel into one big “whoa who do you think you are!” energy.

At this new moon today honor both the dreamer within who trusts and the braggarts:

  • First write about your wonderful idea- the seed thought.
  • Find an image that expresses this energy (or print out the SoulCollage® and write on the back).
  • Call in your Helping Allies for support.
  • Light a fire and release both the seed and the fear.
  • Heave the fear/doubt/shame to the fire…
  • Feed the seed and let Spirit shape shift this for you.

After releasing this energy watch what comes up over the next two weeks as we approach the Full Moon in Pisces on August 24th, 2010.

Wisdom Path

Wisdom’s fire flashes,
With scorching flames,
As the trials by fire
Test all that I claim.

Coyote comes calling
To see what I’ve learned.
Can I play with wildfire?
Or will I get burned?

Will I be threatened?
Will I need to compete?
Allowing self-importance
To cause wisdom’s defeat?

Can I share all my wisdom
With intent to inspire,
Allowing others the right
To claim their spirit’s fire?

When Coyote comes calling,
I’ll be prepared as he arrives,
Finding balance through laughter,
Amidst the snares that he contrives.
-Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream