Today Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo (August 20-September 12, 2010). Virgo's energy within is our drive to perfect the details; she's your inner organizer/terrorist who wants to make life/relationships/things perfect…it's the shadow place where we get lost in the details and stop forward movement. Let me work on this, clean this up so I don't have to do that.

Be aware of your 'this and that' place.

Last week I made a list of all the tasks I am responsible for as an soulo-entrepreneur/artist. As a shamanic woman I am in business and run the household (I won't bore you with the mighty long list). It became obvious that my 'this and that' places on the list are where I hide out…lost in the need for perfection my wtf Argh!!@#! is a symptom of my fear and doubt. dang.

My post-it note aha:

Judgemtn This little ditty came to me yesterday after a long week of challenging my thinking. Is it true? How do I know it's true? What would I be without that thought? aka Byron Katie's The Work. Oh the places I am going. What's the antidote for this Mercury Rx? Focus on Gemini and Sagittarius.

Mercury rules Gemini, those day-to-day thoughts that run/ruin my life. Mercury in Virgo is an opportunity to clean out the cobwebs- self-loathing that drives you and me to distraction.

With a good measure of Sagittarius, the risk taker, it's time to do things differently. I am a DIY woman… the "I'll do it myself' mindset leaves me feeling awkward when I ask for support. I was trained not to ask.

DIY' women take on way too much. We want control, we don't trust. We weren't heard as children. Only I can do it right…which means those around us do it wrong, whether we say it or not.

I want to be served. I trust myself. When I speak my truth I am not responsible if you hear me or don't hear me…or don't like what I have to say.

This means I have to take a risk, voice what I want clearly, and then expect the task to be completed. Virgo is all about letting people serve me, Sagittarius is about trusting they will come through (Pisces/Spirit/Connection to the Muse).

When I get lost in the "this and that", my control issues stop the flow of creative energy (Pisces); the muse doesn't get served, my tribe doesn't get served.

Mercury = mind chatter. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Gemini stirs up the black and white thinking, unhealed wounds of our past. Mercury Rx's do the same. Here's my 4 step process:

  1. Check-in What happened at the Gemini New Moon and throughout the summer? Where have I been? Spend the weekend tracking your thoughts- the judgments…
  2. Look at your SoulCollage® cards for the message: What have the cards been saying the last 3-4 months. Look for clues to what this Mercury Rx is about for you. If you haven't created a SoulCollage®, start. Something will be revealed. In your birth chart where are the signs Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces are, what houses? There you'll find both the problem and solution.
  3. What am I getting lost in? Is it serving my Muse? What would happen if I delegate this task? Yes spend the time and money- and allow someone to serve me? How would that feel? How would my life shift? Turn it around.
  4. Harvest and let go. We are entering the fall season. Harvesting is about editing and sorting, seeking a balance, and letting go.

Look Mercury went into it's shadow on August 2nd…asking "What's got me?" It's already working you…I bid you adieu with this thought: