Sacred events change us on a cellular level… and sometimes we get lost. The retreat/event you paid good money for and loved attending came and went. The Healing happened. You laughed, you cried. You connected, you released, you found sanctuary within and around you like never before. Old toxic beliefs were revealed and surrendered.

Prior to going you set a strong intention, you asked and it was given.

Now a changed woman you’ve landed home… stepping back into the old routines there is a voice saying ‘nothing’ happened. Who’s driving your healing? You call your healer, your best friend, the sacred other [spouse]…trying to explain this wonderful transformation. They don’t understand-they weren’t there. It’s frustrating.

Maybe your unrelenting mind chatter starts up again telling you what’s wrong rather than what’s right. To much of this and you’re back on the hamster wheel-starting once again the “stormy search for the Self” one more time…

Whoa Nelly! Has this happened to you? It’s happened to me and this is what I shared with a beloved friend and client this week:

Acknowledge the Joy. I spent five years traveling north to Omega in New York State for trainings. Growing up in the northeast woods my time at Omega was a reawakening. Coming back home to Florida (which looks NOTHING like the northeast) I’d land home with a big THUD, then start a grieving process I didn’t understand. We all need time to integrate after BIG Events- retreats, events, weddings, funerals. Please don’t rush back into your old life…

Who’s walking in the door. Who’s showing up? The old you? or the New
You? They are really one and the expression…yet there is a choice “who
am I going to feed?”

Just as you made good plans to leave, take care of you and plan ahead for your coming home.

Create a version of the retreat sanctuary at your home. This may be temporary or it may be permanent; it’s a way to anchor the “new you.”  Set up touchstones outside your home with something from nature that connects you to this moment. It may be holding a rock, smelling a flower, listening to water and wind. Connect to the energy of your home and nature. Give Sanctuary a place to anchor so you ground the New YOU.

Don’t chase the NEW YOU away with your business. You are a newborn.

Embody Gratitude: When we jump back into old routines, trying once again to run the same programs we discount the fact we are newborns. Born again by surrendering the old we become new…This is a profound moment and it’s a bit arrogant if I don’t allow myself time to settle.

All integration from transformation unfolds over time. It may take a couple of weeks (40 days), it may take a couple of months. Allow three [3] lunar cycles to pass. Don’t make sudden changes. Witness what’s happening with love; trust all is in divine order. Embody a grateful heart. You asked and the Universe gave; by not acknowledging this sacred contract feels rude. I know- I’ve been arrogant, rude and inconsiderate. It happens.

Accept your Betwixt/Between state of not knowing. Enjoy it. This is a rich deep time of deep transformation. Before you break out your checkbook for another retreat/event do a check-in.

  • Do I really need to get away one more time?
  • How is this event going to serve me?
  • What am I searching for?
  • What’s driving me to wake up and
  • when will I know I’ve arrived?

We all have a hamster wheel that runs us, the choice is to say enough…I am enough. I am done. Like Dorothy you’ve always had the Ruby Red Slippers with a heart-felt knowing that no matter where you go, there you are….there’s no place like home.