Cancer SoulCollage® ideasAre you a Leader or manager? Do you lead with new ideas or broker other peoples creative concepts?

Sitting in these Cancer energies with everything going on in the world many are challenged in ways we didn’t think possible. Yet as one shamanic friend Caroline Kenner shared “Michele this is the time we’ve been preparing for as Light workers, I say we get over it.” So enough now with the moaning and groaning, let’s lead.

All leaders are chosen for a reason, they muster through the worst of times because they have a clear vision of the task at hand.


Leaders make decisions from where they want to be…not where they are now. That’s the miracle of clear visioning.

When one is connected to deep intimacy with self and others
there is passion and power born from moving through and transmuting the
anger, pain and suffering. Divine Love. The balanced ego merges with
soul energy = power.

The Cardinal Cross
[Aries+Cancer+Libra+Capricorn]= your place of action:

Leaders don’t sit around commiserating on FaceBook and Twitter. Leaders don’t get lost in distractions… We move into action.

  • If you’re an artist who’s not creating, then it’s time to create.
  • If your a teacher who’s not teaching then it’s time to teach.
  • If your a writer who’s not writing then it’s time to write. I could go on and on.

Stuck in the feelings of the moment???…well then get back on track. Your voice, your presence, your leadership is needed. Each one of us is gifted by the grace of God/Goddess with a Soul Purpose like no other; to hold that soul energy back, to not share the gift is selfish and small minded.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer, and this energy connects us to the waters of
life, the waters of the Great Mother, the womb. In the Cancer energies
the challenge is to develop security by nurturing experiences for our
selves rather than by clinging to or depending on the strength of

In these Cancer energies we want to feel our way through it all.

Women tend to get lost in the feeling and then lose our ground. That’s why it’s important to understand what Saturn in Libra (Oct 2009 through October 2012) is demanding with everything going on in the world. Each Cancer New Moon that Saturn in Libra energy is activated..big time.

You’re a leader, now lead.

If you a broker of other people’s creative ideas- a follower- then be a good follower and ask “what do you need me to do?”

If you’re a “do nothing type of person” then go back to sleep and get out of the way. We have work to do.

As a strong leader you set your vision into motion at the Spring Equinox, the Aries New Moon.

You stepped up and said YES! Where is your YES now? Whimpering in the corner all muddled and fuddled? You decided to lead the way with your wonderful creative idea. At this Cancer New Moon ask yourself “am I on task?” Am I a strong leader for my vision?

Or do I say “I’m a leader” yet stand here waiting to be told my next step? That’s the fuzzy thinking of Gemini’s shadow getting in the way again.

When you lead, you’re out there ahead of the pack. By yourself for a bit. That’s what a leader does. She loves her creative process, it’s a birth. She feels the energy of this experience from that forward thinking. She dreams it into being through her actions. She steps up and inspires.

She’s rooted in her own knowing to push past the blocks…

She doesn’t get all muddled down in the moment, and if she does she recognizes what’s stopping her and moves through it, either by her own inner drive or by asking for support. ASKING FOR SUPPORT.

So where are you in your own creative process?

Moon frame Are you bogged down in negative feelings?

This won’t work, why bother?

I’ll do it alone? Collage this negative energy, give it an expression, dialog with it and get it out of your body, mind and spirit so you can step back into the light of Knowing. Discover a new frame on which to build.

The glyph for Cancer is the male and female seeds. The archetype of Cancer is the Cosmic Womb in which the seeds of creativity grow and burst forth in diverse ways- biological, artistic or intuitive creativity, imaginative creativity, even business creativity.

In order be released we must first cut the umbilical cord which binds us to family karma- leaving the safe womb of the home. The connection between Cancer and water is vital. Just as the physical birth process involves the breaking of waters, so do our creative processes call for the breaking of water. Breakdown to break through.

Emotions (the water) run deep when I take a risk and chose to lead instead of follow. To step beyond the boundaries created by my family and culture to create new forms. It is a scary place to be, it is the birth of the new YOU.

Where is Cancer in your chart? In your birth chart, the sign on your 4th House cusp shows you the way through it all. This is a sacred opportunity to meet and greet your compassionate loving Ancestors this month. In shamanic terms you meet up with the Loving Ancestors who have your back in non-ordinary reality. Cancer is about “My roots”.

How the past and the present move you into the future.

Inspirations for your Cancer SoulCollage® cards:

  • I am the Great Mother. Cancer/mother archetype supports all forms of mothering- good, bad, and the ugly. Issues of nurture- being supportive and accepting support, food, Mother, close
    family relations, taking care of others, being taken care of by another.
  • I am the One who finds the WOW in my Mom. This can be a mixed bag-the relationship with your mother brings much to bear on how we stand in the world. Now may be a time to explore that relationship.
  • I am the One who is a sacred Home Maker. I create loving, safe environments at home and work for myself and others.
  • I am the One who Knows. I trust my instinctive knowing.
  • I am the Ancestor in the worlds beyond matter.
  • I am the One from the Sea. Great Water, giver of life.
  • I am the One who Nurtures.
  • I am the Moon, the tides, the feminine mystery within you and around you. “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
  • I am the One who is the healer and the healing.Explore healing modalities that tap into early childhood conditioning, growth to nurture new beginnings.
  • I am the One who wants to feel safe at all costs. Safety- security, feelings of belonging, protection, tenacity and financial security.
  • I am the One who longs for closeness– the caring for other, empathy, vulnerability, intimacy.
  • I am the One who is the Empath. Feelings- the changing of moods, awareness of our own feelings, sensitivity to others’ feelings, tenderness and awareness of needs.

Shadow elements of Cancer energy:

  • I am the One who is afraid of my own power, so I stand in your shadow. Excessive Self Protection including clinging, feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, overly cautious behaviors, fears of rejection and lack of goals.
  • I am the One who finds the WOW in my Mom. This can be a mixed bag-the relationship with my mother brings much to bear on how I stand in the world. Now may be a time to explore that relationship so you can find the WOW in Mom.
  • I am the One who doesn’t trust my own knowing, I am addicted to going to psychics because I don’t trust. It’s a time of weaning, do the work to build the intuitive function within.

In the body Cancer/Moon/Water represents the 6th chakra, seat of intuition connected to the health of the breasts and chest cavity, pancreas, stomach, stomach gas, ulcers and tumors.

Shamanic Journey for the month: Go to you Helping Spirits and ask to be dismembered. What needs to be released so I can step fully into my leadership. Be ready to let go of all limiting beliefs that block you from the power of change.

“Remember that our present behaviors and the present actions we take to create the future.” Sandra Ingerman from How to thrive in changing times. Create a SoulCollage® that represent the holistic vision of your creative gifts in action.

Cancer’s element- is water-oceans-the Sea… “To explore new oceans, you
have to be willing to leave the shore.”

I’ll meet you out there on the boat to the new world.

May you shine bright,

As a wisdom teacher I am a change-agent for magical Vision*Keeping that inspires you to embody your brilliance. Using story and art we dissolve the blocks, tap into your magic so you can embody your soul’s purpose. Be the Genius you are meant to be. I am a stand for you being connected to Spirit in everyday matters. No matter what.

As a trained facilitator in the SoulCollage® process, I invite you to
create twelve SoulCollage cards which represent the energy (archetypes)
of astrology. Then by years end you’ll have deepened your own awareness
of the 12-around and have twelve New Moon SoulCollage® cards to work
with, journey to for guidance in manifesting your dreams.