Teleclass-cancer Here are 2 audios-one from the New Moon in Cancer 2010 teleclass [Cancer's energy represents the deepest part of us, soul filled energy connecting us to our past/present/future]. The 2nd audio is a New Moon in Cancer Power Song -I was directed to merge 2 power songs together. Shamanic teacher Carol Tunney, MD joins me in this recording.

The Ancient Ones: our compassionate ancestors and the sacred ones from eons ago represented by the oil (think of Lumeria and Atlantis) now coming to light. This current crisis is a transformation when witnessed from the space and place of the heart. Your heart is The portal.

The Shining Ones: the Descendants who are watching us and remembering us, honoring our courage and our transformation. When we transfigure (go to light) we become a Shining One. The Shining Ones are the ones from 7 generations and beyond. Beyond-the-beyond both from this reality of earth and also the Star Beings. They communicate in a language of Light reminding us we are all Star Beings making our way back Home.

At this new moon your heart-centered collaboration with the Shining Ones and the Ancient Ones co-creates a powerful portal to your creative myth and the seed of knowing. It's a powerful time.

Audio of Teleclass:

MP3 File

New Moon in Cancer Shamanic Power Song:

MP3 File

Read this post about the Cancer energies and create your New Moon SoulCollage®

24 hours before the New Moon in Cancer create your intention for the energies. What's up? What are three wishes, hopes, dreams you are ready to manifest?

24 hours after the New Moon in Cancer release the intentions through a ritual. Create a SoulCollage® to honor the energies. Surrender.

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