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If you are a healer, holistic coach, astrologer, shamanic practitioner ready to go from woo-woo to who's who you'll want to read the rest of this story…

Today I want to tell you about the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs (AsWeConnect.com); a membership website that I am launching this summer.

When you join the site you'll have access to coaching, classes, resources, templates together with done-for-you marketing products so you can “go be seen by choice not by chance.” The writings here about the astrology of the moment at the New Moon Journal will compliment these teachings.

During the last decade we witnessed the business of being a healer changing with ever evolving technology; www.AsWeConnect.com is the place shamanic healers and teachers can learn the business of healing in today’s modern online world.

Each of us brings varied life experiences that enhance our healing practice. How do we put it all together, share that story and market those skills? Many invest in heart-centered training wanting to serve their communities (online and/or in person), but if we have issues with hiding, if people can’t find us, then how are we living our soul purpose with passion and joy?

I know there is a need because the most email, twittered, talked about post here was the Dances with Chicken at the Taurus Full Moon.

AsWeConnect is for teachers, healers, astrologers, holistic coaches and counselors who want to build a stronger client base. Working with our Teachers, using shamanic journeywork, teleclasses and experiential methods we’ll explore:

  • Practical ways to market your healership. How to find your niche, clarify your intent and share the story that attracts clients that are right for your healing practice.
  • How to take your skills from woo–woo to who’s who by asking the question “How big do I want to play?
  • Your spiritual purpose- how to make meaning and money in sustainable ways that honors your spiritual path.
  • How to collaborate with others that enhance your presence and healing practice.
  • How to meet the media during a crisis while giving a spiritual heart-centered solution to the problem.
  • Packaging and delivery- how to shine brightly~ Why a web presence is a MUST HAVE, and not doing so is a form of hiding.

By joining with others of like mind and spirit, you'll expand your skills by defining how big do you want to play, leave each session with a better understanding of how to market your practice and go home shining more brightly in the community you serve.

You'll want to join the AsWeConnect mailing list at the site or on FaceBook: http://tinyurl.com/AsWeConnectFB to receive updates, and get your invitation to the launch party later this summer.

If you have a particular need or struggle you wish to share, please send me an email.

Brilliant blessings,

Founder & CEO
Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs
FaceBook: http://tinyurl.com/AsWeConnectFB

PS I am looking for a graphic designer, so read the next post for more details.

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