“Fuzzy thinking leads to fuzzy results.” When your thinking doesn’t match your actions the creative drive is aborted at the heart chakra. Nothing manifests.

Fuzzy transforms when there is a commitment. I speak it clearly to self and others. I love it. Give VOICE to the intentions.

If you were fuzzy about setting things into motion at the Spring Equinox on March 21st, that lack of commitment is present as we greet the Gemini New Moon.

Action: Commit. Leave Fuzzy thinking behind!

What bold action step am I now willing to make? Invoke your future self by “making decisions from where I want to be”- Kendall Summerhawk

Create a SoulCollage® card to honor your bold commitment.

As we dance through Gemini from May 21st-June 20th look at your story, how is that myth empowering your thinking and communication today. The call is to step up and give voice to your longings.

The Taurus energies (New Moon last month) brought up issues with finances- making good money. I am WORTHY.

  • How do I communicate this worth?
  • What am I ‘Doing” out in the world that feeds my heart and soul.
  • How am I challenged to speak up, speak out. Set a new boundary.

Yes this behavior feels uncomfortable. Weird. How many times have a heard a client say “this is weird”. GREAT! It’s a stretch. The newness brings up fear. Celebrate your forward movement.

When my voice disappeared:

Fall 1993- I decree “God I want to serve.” Suddenly my path shifts. I join a meditation group with a spiritual healer from England. This sprite of a woman offers a weekend healing class. I sign up thinking the class is about self-healing. WRONG…we are here to learn how to do spiritual healing on others. I paid for the class, I am here, I’ll play.

Weird things start happening…as I did the hands on healing I get Technicolor images of the problem for this woman I do not know. Sharing the healing story, she shifts… I see auras around another woman’s head. Healing images and symbols come to me. What the heck is going on? Once it is explained…

I go home. Full! Inspired! Excited!

That evening I call my sponsor, she listens, and then discounts my experience saying with authority “I am a Lutheran minister that can’t be happening.” (I didn’t know she was a minister!). Her discounting energy bring up old wounds “this isn’t real and I am wrong”, my Mom stuff. Dang!

Monday morning I wake up, I can’t talk! No voice. I whisper throughout the day until meditation class that night. Margarete laughs “inner child”. What the heck I thought this stuff was ‘healed’…

Tuesday morning I go into meditation, no fuzziness I commit- “God if you want me to do this healing work then I need a sign,

if this is real then let me know RIGHT NOW.” Moments later in my minds eye two hands filled with light appear…and a Voice (not my own) says very clearly “go to Barnes and Nobles”. What? I’d never heard “the Voice” before.

Like a good Do-bee I get up and drive to the bookstore, walk down the aisle. The book facing forward on the shelf is Barbara Brennan‘s book “Hands of Light” The same hands I saw in meditation. The Voice is right, Margarete’s spiritual healing methods are in this book, it is real.

By days end my voice returned.

People who are asleep say things;
they know not of which they speak.
Ignore their words, love them and go stand tall, speak strong.
Your time has come…

As a leader, as an Agent of Calm, find your voice and speak up.

Look for signs of fuzziness, where am I whispering when I need to be strong and clear and maybe loud.
Words have the power to harm or heal. To bring forth healing solutions know that your intuitive path is directly connected to the throat chakra and the power of your voice. The Earth needs your healing words and song, spoken clear with passion and purpose. Set a strong intent and decree it now. Get out of your way…Watch what happens.

Mercury rules the sign Gemini, Thank you Mercury! we’ve all cleaned house. Gemini deals with communication based on black and white thinking. Polarizing moments that bring up a “I’m right, your wrong” attitude. Gemini transforms when we find the common ground, the win/win.

At this Gemini New Moon intentions you planted (hopes, wishes and dreams) at the Aries New Moon/Spring Equinox are now being mirrored (communicating) in your day-to-day life. Listen for the critical inner voice and you’ll hear what’s holding you back, what keeps you stuck related to your thinking.

In the sign Gemini you find your voice. . . a breath of fresh air. Airy Gemini deals with all forms of communication…your thinking reflects how you make your way in the world.

When we feed the negative intent with the critical voice, our light fades, the brilliance recedes- that’s why Taurus comes before Gemini. We need the strong sense of self Taurus offers to birth our creative ideas. The new moon in Gemini on June 12th, follows Taurus. The Quest at this New Moon in Gemini?

  • How am I called to speak my truth based on my issues with self esteem and self worth?
  • What tweaked me last month (as Mercury went retrograde in Taurus)?
  • How am I communicating in a strong vibrant way that serves my passion and purpose?

Inspirations for your Gemini SoulCollage® may be related to:

The principle that guides the Way of the Visionary is telling the truth without blame or judgment. When we express the inner Visionary we know and communicate our creative purpose and life dream, act from our authentic self, are truthful and honor the four ways of seeing.- Angeles Arrien from her book The Four Fold Way

Suggested themes for a Gemini SoulCollage®:

  • I am the One who is the Visionary. A visionary communicates effectively. Boldly stands up and moves her vision forward. I am logical. I am a catalyst for change through my intuitive ability to create a new dream
    in the apparent chaos. I am a compassionate witness for my past, present and future
  • I am the One who is a Truth Teller. I speak up, speak out. I set new
    boundaries. I embrace new behavior even it it feels uncomfortable. It’s a stretch. It
    brings up fear. I celebrate action.
  • I am the One who is a Sibling or Neighbor. Elder, middle or youngest. How does my inner sibling direct my outer world relationships? Gemini relates to sibling issues- brother and/or sister tweaking
    you. Find my voice, communicate my needs about my worth. Be kind
    to yourself and others. On the flip side what if I am shouted at…can I
    keep my cool and really listen? Find the middle ground.
  • I am the One with a PMA– positive mental attitude. I bring tact, quick thinking, wittiness and calming mental activity to all my endeavors.
  • I am the One who is Curious.
  • I am the One who Twitters and networks effectively. All forms of learning- formal education, print  and social media, twittering.
  • I am the One who is the Communicator. Writing, speaking, effective listening, mediates.

Gemini in the Body: Throat chakra, health of hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. Nervous system, lungs breathing, hay fever. Elemental force- the Wind.

The Shadow of Gemini:

  • I am the One who is the Gossip. I enjoy talking about others at their expense. TMZ, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Tonight. Chatter, gossip with the ability to make someone’s day or ruin it.
  • I am the One who is always right. You are wrong, “Off with your head”.
  • I am the One who is a pain in the neck to other people because of my attitude-unhealed black and white thinking.
  • I am the One who is Fuzzy. I don’t want to commit. I don’t want to share. I don’t want to speak up because of my fear.

At the time of the new moon in Gemini we are moving into a 40 day~ 40 night vision quest. In the past we could check ourselves into a monastery, now we are called to undergo this task in our work-a-day world.

Can you be a catalyst for change by dreaming big in this reality? Even in Chaos? Gemini energy offers a time of reflection, renovation and restoration. During this new moon cycle you are entering a profound time of change as together we enter consciously a 40 day, 40 night experience witnessing our past, present and future self.

Making choices on where I want to be [future self] how are you going to play? Stay small or go BOLD. The choice is yours at this New Moon in Gemini.

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