SoulCollage® Caretaker by Michele LessirardImage from Michele's SoulCollage® Album via Flickr

There is anxiety within and about from the unfolding crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Many are in fight or flight, many feel the energy in their bodies, many are waking up. I am inviting you to throw an image at the feelings!

Join with me in creating SoulCollage® cards that speak to "healing" of the waters, the animals…if you are a seasoned card maker the SoulCollage® card may new or it may already be in your deck.

It may be new cards that touch into the power of the moment as Agents of Calm.

It may be a shadow card.
It may be a Source card.

Send your SoulCollage® card to me by Tuesday, June 1st, 2010. I'll post them on the New Moon Journal with a link back to your web site next week.

Upload my SoulCollage® Card.

Instructions on making SoulCollage® cards can be found here and online at www.SoulCollage.comdiscover your wisdom, change the world.

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