Some exciting news! Thursday May 27th at 3:00 pm I'll be interviewing Sandra Ingerman. You are welcome to listen in and ask questions. Or just come and be in the energies.

We'll be discussing Sandy's new book about the shamanic path of direct revelation and the Gulf Water Crisis from a shamanic perspective. All are welcome to join- listen in online or call in. An audio of the call will be posted online here the next day.

125SpiritWorld Awakening to the Spirit World
Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Date:       Thursday May 27th, 2010
Time:      3:00 PM eastern time

Conference ID: 457957#
Primary Number: (321) 482-5000

To my longtime readers sorry I haven't posted for a while, I didn't feel like writing much. If you look back in the archives you'll see it's a pattern, every May- I seem to drop away. And this Mercury Rx was the most incredible journey to some new awareness. All good!

The Saturn in Libra Teleclass was all about grounding and being present
so we can manifest our dreams;
to stand strong as heart-centered women,
no matter what your calling.
I am inspired by all that was shared by
those in our circle. And if you missed the teleclass, you'll be able to download the class and improved e-book on Wednesday for a very reasonable price.

Today I live on the Florida Treasure Coast yet South Florida is now on emergency alert from the oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico.

I feel weepy and strong, angry and peaceful. It's an incredible experience of feeling what''s present and allowing whatever to wash through me. My family moved to Naples-on-the-Gulf, Florida in 1971 when the beach sands met the tall pines. I love the Gulf waters, there is a gentleness like no other place.

August 2005 I am in Naples to write, waking up looking out the hotel doors I hear the Gulf waters say "it's time to go home." Within 30 minutes my husband calls telling me Tropical Storm Katrina formed practically overnight and is heading toward Fort Lauderdale.

We are all connected.

I'll be writing about the Full Moon and announcing some new teleclasses this week. stay tuned.

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