SaturnLibra Are you seeing things from the early 80's and wondering why? Old movies, clothes, furniture, ideas. It's all about Saturn in Libra.

As a shamanic astrologer Saturn's journey is a reference point in my client soul retrievals; it's the place of right timing that leads to right action. Saturn entered Libra for the first time in 29 years last October. Saturn is now retrograding into Virgo, and then moves forward again on May 30th.

Capricorn represents the structure, social security, the government. In
your body Saturn rules Capricorn- representing the bones, skeleton
structure. Saturn forces us to face our fears and still remain grounded;
this calls for awareness of body, mind and spirit… Pluto is in Capricorn. Pluto asks for transformation.

What is Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn asking of you at this moment in time?

rules the 1st Chakra in the body.
The ability to be grounded and stay
present- 1st chakra energy related to your tribal conditioning that
may no longer serve you…

==>Saturn is retrograding until May 30th, giving you a do-over period. Saturn is the task master in our birth charts asking you to let go of the old form so you can
up-level your personal and professional life.

==>Saturn is about right timing. Saturn moves slowly through Libra for the next two years rubbing up against your issues with fair play and balance in all forms of relationships and partnerships. Libra is about harmony and justice. Libra is ruled by Venus; Venus also rules war…the just war when our needs are not met, we’ve spoken our truth and then have to set a strong boundary.

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About shamanic astrologer and teacher Michele Bailey-Lessirard: I am a change-agent for magical Vision*Keeping that inspires you to embody your brilliance. Using story and art we dissolve the blocks, tap into your magic and so you can embody your soul's purpose. Be the Genius you are meant to be.

Since 1995 I have preformed hundreds of soul retrievals, taught through out the United States and is recognized for my ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects of you that are mirrored through your day-to day relationships with family, home and work.

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