7 steps for Spirit-rich Women Business Owners

We are now in the Aries energies representing courage-leadership, strength, vigilance, boldness. Stand up, put your bonnet on and shine for all the world to see.

Look for ways your ego is vested in a person or process. Hiding behind another so you don’t have to take the lead. Caged. The Aries/Libra dance is about the quest “who am I in relationship to you?”

==>Step 1. Understand the drama of Me, Me, Me versus you, you, you. How this separates you and creates divisiveness and competition. Allow the energy to transform into a balanced “You and Me” partnership. Create joint venture partnerships with other spirit-minded entrepreneurs. Expand your playing field.

==>Step 2. Be the leader in your creative expression. It’s time to pilot your own ship. If outside forces have taken control of the helm then take back your power. Look for leaks. Take action.

==>Step 3. Be clear about your boundaries. Aries wants clear boundaries, the energy is action oriented. Draw a line in the sand and don’t cross over it. As woman if you’ve had any sort of trauma pay particular attention, your boundaries are more diffuse by nature of the trauma. It’s what makes you a gifted healer, artist. Lead by knowing, intuiting, connecting.

Negative traits to watch for: The watery Cancer within wants to get in, root around and fix things to make ourselves feel more comfortable with our discomfort. We merge energetically, almost intuitively when we shouldn’t. We cross the line as a way to manage the feelings of being uncomfortable. I’ll speak more to this point at the New Moon Teleclass on April 6th.

==>Step 4. Find a mentor who mirrors a strong Aries energy within so you can learn and grow. Find a leader to be a leader to up-level your game. Stretch. The healed Aries/Mars energy within expresses a focused intent with laser like clarity. Because that mentor knows and trusts her SELF she intuitively knows when to go with the flow, to have patience, hold to the vision and not be knocked off the path by distractions.

“When Pluto is our travel agent, our ticket to heaven includes a stopover in hell.”- Caroline Casey

==>Step 5. Know the Saturn dance. Do your inner journaling work so you aren’t tripped up. Where is Saturn transiting in your birth chart? Saturn always asks you to surrender, to respond. How are you called to respond at this Aries New Moon?

LEAD others by the power of your presence ==>YOU.

Not your husband, wife, child, boss, coach, patron, mentor… Aries is about anger and passion; both have a place at the table…anger is present when your passion is having a hard time. Anger tells everyone that something isn’t right within and about.

Expressing one’s anger/passion in a healthy way gives birth to a solid grounded woman who carries a strong sense of self worth and self-esteem. She leads, and is well paid for the power of her leadership in tangible ways.

==>Step 6. Find your passion. Ask where did my passion get lost? Evaluate, “where am I in these Aries energies. Why am I being triggered?’ Women have issues with anger, we hide it, manipulate with it, act as if it isn’t there. If you can’t find your passion maybe it’s time to get good and angry…for no good reason. Trust me there is something rubbing you raw, allow it a voice, give it expression. Stop hiding, start leading.

By introducing you to the power of these lunar archetypes at each New Moon you enter an alchemical process. This stirs up the shadow and triggers a reaction/response taking you to the next level. That’s what the archetypes are all about. If you’re in the wasteland of unresolved energy you’ll find this New Moon in Aries is forcing all of us to do some deep emotional housekeeping. Look to Saturn in Libra, Capricorn in Pluto.

==>Step 7. The Divine Feminine within wants to be paid attention to through connection, ritual and ceremony.  Bottom Line: A spirit-rich entrepreneurial business woman knows that to stay strong and balanced [Libra] she has to stay in the flow of her emotions [Cancer] so she can make good money.

A structure [Capricorn] must be in place so a dialog happens that allows emotions [negative and positive] come to the light and be seen. Shadow dark and light. Action steps that shake the spirit up.

Law of Attraction works when we lead by doing the deep inner work to cleanse our soul. When the shadow shows up !! celebrate !! Pluto is dancing you in a new way. Which is what my New Moon SoulCollage® process is all about… I feel a collage coming on.



As a wisdom teacher I am recognized for my ability to
communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual
aspects of you that are mirrored through your day-to day relationships
with family, home and work.

As a trained facilitator in the SoulCollage® process, I invite you to
create twelve SoulCollage cards which represent the energy (archetypes)
of astrology. Then by years end you’ll have deepened your own awareness
of the 12-around and have twelve New Moon SoulCollage® cards to work
with, journey to for guidance in manifesting your dreams.

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