A month before your birthday you'll find yourself on an initiatory path of the the Dark Moon energies. It reflects the pre-natal time when you get ready to leave Spirit and enter into matter through the birthing process.

The pre-natal anniversary challenges you to dance with your shadow in a new way. It's a letting go process that some years is great, and other years can bring you to your knees.

Mars in Leo comes out of retrograde and turns direct on Wednesday March 10th (read more here too). Mars is about leadership and passionate action, it also represents rage and anger that serves to distill the truth of something- a pain, a hurt, a betrayal.

Scpisces2010 This Saturday is my 54th birthday, here is my SoulCollage® card "I am the One who connects." The little girl's arms are bound by the foundation of an ancient bridge as her feet dangle in the dark void. She's holding her ears and crying…

Last month I started working with a book coach, and suddenly found myself bound and frozen, I couldn't write anything.

By this point in my life I "thought" I’d be done dealing with my PTSD issues. Yet after years of psycho-spiritual integration [therapy, talking, energy work and healing] it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

As a toddler I am held out over a stairwell with the threat of being dropped at the same time energetically bound by the words “good girls don’t tell” and “telling will hurt your mother.”

Words have the power to harm and my perpetrator's hypnotic suggestions certainly went deep; I now see it as a form of sorcery and dark magic. Incest is domestic violence that leaves hidden psychic scars.

This year emails and comments from women in their late forties and early fifties started arriving thanking me for the New Moon Journal and SoulCollage® process.

Stories of sexual abuse by shamanic/spiritual teachers in the here and now, parents and grandparents in the past…trusted people that betrayed you by their actions. And when I look at your chart and see where Pluto is, I find we betrayed ourselves as young women by not standing in our power because we didn't know how, the tools were never passed down by our mothers.

Yet you started making SoulCollage® cards and healing your soul loss. I am in awe of your courage.

Good girls do tell and shamanic women turn it into action…

And so I started writing my story not understanding the depth of Chiron moving through 27° Aquarius; the last time Chiron
sat at this place in my birth chart was Spring 1959, when I was
3 years old. The time of my incest, the time of being held over the stairs threatened with bodily harm, tell no one. A new aha is revealed activated by the Pluto
in Capricorn squaring Saturn in Libra.

When you tell your truth you may find yourself standing alone. Family and friends may abandoned you. They don’t want to see, hear or feel because _____ [Fill in the blank]. You'll hear someone say…Are you still talking about it? Why bring it up? This isn't about them.

They aren’t ready [but you are]. Do it anyway.

Don't carry your abusers truth in the marrow of your bones.

You’ll feel abandoned. You were and you are. Say it anyway. You’ll feel like you're coming apart at the seams. You are. It's okay. You’ll spew. You’ll cry. You are

Shedding the s(k)in of the past so you can live life vibrantly alive today. 

"The task of the visionary is to tell the
truth without blame or judgment. Truthfulness, authenticity and
integrity are essential keys to developing our vision and intuition. We
express the Way of the Visionary through personal creativity, goals,
plans, and our ability to bring our life dreams and visions into the

Among most indigenous peoples,
the direction of the East is associated with the home of the Great
Spirit, the place of the rising sun and the place where we come home to
our authentic self. Archetypically, the bell or conch shell
serves as a sonic voice that calls people together and calls us as
individuals to remember our authentic purpose."- The Four Fold Way

There's a cycle and rhythm within and around you. Reach out for support. Your inner healer will take over. Divine guidance will show up. This is not a cut and dry be done with it type journey, it unfolds over time.

Maybe months, maybe years. Do it anyway.

Holding it in. . . holds you back, that serves no one. It perpetrates the shame, the guilt. Keeps you living small when you are a powerful catalyst for change.

Why did it happen? leaves me a victim.

What happened? holds me to the past. I invoke the healing power of my story and spin it into light with love.

As a woman born under a Pisces Sun and Aries Moon listen…

Pisces is the chaos we create when we are not connected to Spirit or the
God of our understanding. The energy either creates with us [change] or
against us [chaos]. There is a choice to be made at this new moon in
Pisces on March 15th. Both paths lead to transformation.

What spiritual tools have you
gathered. What lessons have you learned. What in your life now needs
mending? Take a measure from each and create the new, so you’ll be good
to go when spring arrives and the new season begins.

The Pluto/Chiron journey will take you to very deep places. A wounding such as this is a shamanic initiation, re-membering is an shamanic initiation that few will understand and fewer still will tell you so.

Each generation of women has their collective wounds to heal and share. We reach back so other women can move forward.

As a change-agent I am a stand for finding the magic within,
             re-membering spins it into power for change.

Your story has value, it serves you and the divine feminine.
            To carry a wound such as this makes you a initiated healer- a catalyst.

Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer and bridge builder. Chiron in your birth chart shows where you are wounded and then brings the tools to heal the wound. Chiron returned at age 50, I thought my dance with Chiron was done. I did my healing work. The universe laughs.

An alchemical transformation, I am in it and know it. Others are in it too, it's an initiatory event that you now have words for or because of my sharing can better understand "oh that's why this is happening to me." Collage the energy of moment, find the mystery of you in bits of paper and glue so you can

Drum, dance and breath light into it with love.



As a wisdom teacher I am recognized for my ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects of you that are mirrored through your day-to day relationships with family, home and work.

As a trained facilitator in the SoulCollage® process, I invite you to create twelve SoulCollage cards which represent the energy (archetypes) of astrology. Then by years end you’ll have deepened your own awareness of the 12-around and have twelve New Moon SoulCollage® cards to work with, journey to for guidance in manifesting your dreams.

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