As the Sun enters Pisces [February 18 to March 19] it’s time to be thinking of SoulCollage® cards for the Piscean energy.

Pisces connects us to water’s vapor or fog, the unseen forces, dream time, our connection to the Muse, the 12th house, our hidden fears behind the veil issues. A vision quest to know “Am I supported by Spirit, or am I making this stuff up and really going at this alone?” In Pisces energy I see/feel/know the split between my head and heart.

Failure to Launch- In Pisces we are called into spiritual realms of fog and mist (mystic) to connect with spirit (the God/Goddess of your understanding), and in Virgo you are called out into the world to take spiritual action from that sense of knowing.

If you are experiencing false starts, and can’t seem to get your act together, first look around at the home front. To be rooted, soul-fully means your home must offer up sanctuary.

Grounded in Spirit means the space and place you launch from feeds your body, mind and spirit for you to do your life’s work out in the world. The Call and response- you may need to take a break from the known and regroup to find yourself again. You may have been in a cocoon and are now ready to emerge like a butterfly.

Where are you in this dance between Virgo and Pisces?

Within the body Scorpio represents your emotional body, all the places you are holding onto life’s emotional pain. Scorpio energy is dark, deep and most times painful.

Here you want to curl up into the fetal position and just be. Stay too long in this place and things come to a standstill. It’s a highly creative and transformative energy, but the emotional waters need to be moving, released to access your creative juice. “I am not going to feel [this negative emotion…anger, sadness, grief, etc.,]” which leads you deeper into Scorpio’s darkness until finally you surrender. Get angry, have a good cry, go to a therapist, start to work on ‘those issues’. Last fall at the Scorpio New Moon what was happening, how did you let go [Scorpio] and let God [Pisces].

Pisces represents the archetype of Spirit-the God/Goddess of your understanding. Once your emotional waters within start to move, you can embody the greater message of your wound, which leads to forgiveness, acceptance and creativity. It’s the mess you came to teach- the wounded healer bringing tools to heal others.

Pisces represents our connection to Spirit, dream time, dream work. Yet the 12th house doorway which Pisces rules also represents that time before time. When you were floating peacefully in Mom’s womb, connected to spirit. In the process of being born you passed from spirit into matter. Cut off from Source.

Yet we are all connected to the web of life (Light). We know this at some deep level yet living in a technological society we cut ourselves off from the natural world and our own spiritual light. We are looking for a path back Home. This leaves one with a sense of isolation until we go seeking. Like the movie Avatar we spend our lives trying to find our way back when Spirit is all around us, within us.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, 12th house, a water sign. The 12th house rules all that stands behind you, either to offer support and inner strength or problems which continually trip you. The archetypal force of Pisces ruled by Neptune represents the unknown, the unconscious. It is the fog that doesn’t clear. This month focus on your divinity and let your darkness fall away.

Where is Pisces in your chart? How are you called to express this energy? Your birth chart shows your own biorhythm. Astrology is an ancient symbolic language- the planetary movements (archetypal forces) are the time keepers for your life’s journey.

Pisces and Virgo work in together to create a balance within, Earthy Virgo provides grounding to a watery Piscean who doesn’t want to touch the earth. Working earthy Virgo area of one’s life allows us to expand outward, because we are grounded and rooted to the earth. Then we can reach out and touch the stars (Pisces). In Pisces we learn to walk the razor’s edge being both human and divine.

Neptune represents the soul force within you that wants expression, connection. In modern astrology Neptune rules Pisces, the mystic or the addict. The television show Intervention speaks to this unhealed Piscean energy within a person, they are lost in their own fog. Pisces represents the 12th house, the 12th Step.

Neptune is foggy- the stupor of an addictive process- yours, your parents, your partner’s, your children’s. There is a boundless quality to this spiritual energy, because it’s intangible, we question it, doubt it. Negotiate it.

Neptune dissolves habits, structures and forms- including addictions once they have lost their power. It is a place of unconditional love within you and around you. Can you truly feel that connection to Spirit if your old emotional trash is in the way. See it’s a dance between Scorpio and Pisces.

By the New Moon in Pisces build a stronger bridge to Spirit.

Pisces New Moon SoulCollage®

Create cards that represents the energy of Pisces. It may be related to an addiction, to a new understanding of how Spirit, the Muse, manifests in your life. Who do you pray to? Create a SoulCollage® card for this relationship. Give the Pisces energy within a voice, express it…. Here are some Pisces I AM THE ONE statements:

  • I am the One who dreams in partnership with Spirit.
  • I am the One who Imagines. I am a Visionary. I create and build things from these imaginings.
  • I am the One who lives in a state of confusion and chaos. At this new moon I embrace my ability to edit and sort through the confusion.
  • I am the One who brings Inner Happiness- bliss, ecstasy, universal love. Psychic sensitivity- gentleness, mystical states the ability to escape life.
  • I am the Inner Muse, who you trust- surrender and channel your spiritual power in service to others. Spiritual healing-meditation-inner peace, angelic assistance
  • I am the One who is Compassionate-I know my wound, and honor it in my life, but I no longer live from it. I forgive, I understand, there is peace, acceptance and charity.

Shadow Pisces:

  • I am the One who comes from water’s foggy mist, steam, vapor.
  • I am the One who fears the Unknown, I bring you hidden strengths, from the subconscious. Dance with me now.
  • I am the One who is helpless- I am still a victim of life, I procrastinate. My fear may manifest as a panic attack, an addiction, pain in my body.
  • I am the One who is held prisoner by ____. Pisces represents places of confinement- monastery, mental institutions, jail, hospitals.
  • I am the One who is in Exile. I look for secret enemies, hidden dangers, clandestine affairs.

In the body Pisces rules the spinal column, nerve fibers, feet, pineal gland, telepathic functions, white corpuscles of the blood, kinesthetic functions.

What do you know for sure about the Pisces energy within you? Around you? It’s time to strengthen that connection to Spirit within and around you strong at this Pisces New Moon.

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