Michele's SoulCollage® Trust The post today is for those of us born between February 1955 and June 1958. All my other wonderful readers can just move along, come back next time. I am speaking to my tribe of women- mid-century modern healers born with Chiron in Aquarius/Pluto in Leo -that have always felt a bit weird because of our wounding…either from childhood or living life. This one's for you.

Saturday as we move into the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius the
opportunity is here to take the spiritual light/Christed energies in deeper. Pluto in Leo is being challenged by the energies Sun/Moon/Neptune/Chiron. The power struggle will reveal so much if you stop fighting and become the healing vessel for the message you came to share.

Your blessed wound is up and in your face, maybe in a new way. Pay attention to what's happening within and around you.

This week I took note when two of my Platinum clients had huge breakthroughs. Both women are born with Chiron in Aquarius at 29°.

Abuse of power [at the hands of people that loved us] that we then carried into our adult lives. Energetic baggage we spent much of our forties healing and releasing to step up as powerful heart-centered healers.

Your mess is your message.

Your mess is the message you are called to share with others. It’s your teaching platform to show women a different way.

Planets-Pluto/Neptune/Uranus/Jupiter/Chiron at a late degrees [27-29°] means that your task is fated in this lifetime you agreed to take this condition on before birth as a teacher. It's the task you fear most.

It means you were fated to dance with Pluto in this lifetime, anchor the divine feminine in a strong power-full way… initiated by Pluto. You are called to

BE the transformation.

Denying this keeps you stuck and broke. At this New Moon in Aquarius the Sun/MOON/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius oppose your natal Pluto in Leo. Sing to your Pluto. He’s dragged you to hell, you've returned to tell the story and he’s become a Helping Ally.

Make peace.

Like Bullwinkle pulling a rabbit out of his own hat, “I don’t know my own strength!”.  Well that’s Pluto within you.

Pluto in the chart is where we hold the power, fear our power… not dancing with Pluto causes all sorts of problems. I know because I have this aspect [27° Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Leo at the mid-heaven] in my chart as well.

You are gifted, but if your Pluto isn’t working, it’s like sitting on a three legged chair. You'll meet other people (the forth leg) who mirror that Pluto energy for you until you mastered it. These fourth leg people are the ones you have issues with, talk about with your girlfriends.

I am not talking namby pamby whaa look at me. I am talking deep, profound dark night of the soul experiences full of cathartic release=fourth leg integration.

Sweetie, don’t get stuck in the integration phase. Go find your fourth leg.

Repeat after me "MY mess is my message." Keep saying that to yourself until your message is revealed. Haven't you spent enough time in the mess of it all? Just saying.

How comfortable are you with being weird? From the Aquarian energy in your chart we become the change agents for the manifesting the future. Out in front of the pack leading others, you now have company look around. You are not alone.

Your wound is where the light enters you.- Rumi

As we move into the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday the opportunity is here to take the spiritual light deeper into your blessed wound in profound new ways. Share your healing story. It's time.

Sctrust2 Michele's SoulCollage® Trust

Did you see? The Feisty Ballerina in my SoulCollage® was bound, the wounds on her leg are apparent. She broke free and is standing full of herself= Power.

She trusts.

By not understanding the dance with Pluto and neglecting the emotional healing in loving, healthy ways leaves me a Bound Shaman. That is not acceptable. I am bound no more.

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