After a month of letting go in the Scorpio energies you are ready to expand into something new.

Sagittarius is about telling the truth, your truth. “I know what I know.” As a Teacher of Sagittarius energies, you are called to share what you know from that place of truth. In Sagittarius you find your Genius and then mentor from that wisdom place.

Explore, share and teach your wonder.

Each of us brings a gift to share with their Tribe. This time of year you STEP BOLDLY into it…even if you are scared…even if you don’t know what the next step is…the Call is to DO something. How are you responding?

Do you know your gift, do you know what Tribe you serve? If not why not?

Saturn and Jupiter work as a planetary pair. Jupiter asks you to expand while Saturn holds your feet to the ground. Saturn is 1st chakra= grounded, Jupiter is 2nd chakra= feelings. If you are not manifesting your hopes, wishes and dreams look first to Saturn and Jupiter within.

You’ll want to know where Saturn is moving in your own birth chart, by scheduling an astrology session with me.

How are you dancing? Can you hold your center point in the chaos?

Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts.

Saturn is ruled by Capricorn. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the in-breath, Saturn the out-breath. You can’t have one without the other or you just die. Fiery Jupiter asks you to GO BOLD and take a risk. Jupiter represents truth and wisdom. Your truth, your

Each month my readers create collages representing the energy (archetypes) of astrology and by years end you’ll have twelve SoulCollage® cards to work with, journey to for inner guidance.

What bold action step can you take this month that will set the path for 2014?

With Jupiter’s energy we are collectively called to expand, venture out beyond our comfort zone. To travel beyond our borders, to learn something new. To connect with, embody the God of your understanding through your own inner knowing [versus what we are told about God]. To know embody Spirit of Knowing without a doubt.

Create your New Moon SoulCollage® Card for Sagittarius:

It’s time to stir the flame [Sagittarius Fire] by making a SoulCollage® Card representing the archetype of Expansion. 2nd Chakra. Jupiter in Sagittarius represents:

  • I am the One who seeks the Truth- knowledge from religion, prayer and higher guidance, frankness and honesty, direct communication.
  • I am the One who connects with the Nature of all things- including connections to nature, intuition, peace of mind.
  • I am the One who explores new territory- all forms of spontaneity, adventure, positive expectations, exploration, foreign travel.
  • I am the One who is an Optimist. I believe in the inherent good nature of faith, friendliness, good luck, generous spirit and gallantry.
  • I am the One who seeks Knowledge. Representing higher education including mentors, colleges and universities, philosophy, seeking answers and finding solutions.

Shadow of Sagittarius:

  • I am the One who is impulsive. Shadow issues related to carelessness- shortcuts, self-righteousness, making assumptions, excuses, extravagance, blunt communication, Pollyanna approaches.
  • In the body Sagittarius relates to issues in the body of restoring health of hips, liver, sciatica, thighs and upper legs.
  • I am the One who overindulges. Observe and take action to overcome excessive behaviors- eating, drinking, smoking, spending, etc. What’s driving you to distraction?

What’s your Sagittarius story? How are you being called to Explore and teach, even with broken wings? Become the Possiblitarian at this Sag New Moon. Create a SoulCollage® card and explore your mystery in bits of paper and glue this Holiday season. Let me know how it goes…

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