Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

Christine Clifton


Christine's Intention MapHaving worked with Michele Grace a handful of times before, I felt very compelled to have her do my vision map as well. While the session was fun and inspiring, the excitement of opening up the actual map and putting it up on my wall was even more so. It's wild to see, in pictures and shapes, what I had described to her in words. I look at it every day and it reminds me of where I'm headed and keeps me focused and inspired. I can't recommend Michele Grace enough!

P.S. I realized tonight that my clarity has greatly improved this week - since I've had my vision map on the wall!

Bambi Thompson

Coach , Speaker, Author

Bambi's MapRev. Michele Grace Lessirard is one of the most giving, loving, and talented healers I know. I can always count on her to reveal what's going on in the bigger picture that can be contributing to why I feel a certain way...i.e.. Weird and funky. I always love her cosmic updates of what's going on energetically on the grand scale. (Whew, it's that Mercury Retrograde thing again — not me!)

One day I was really struggling and none of my tools was getting me grounded. It was in relation to my growing success and I knew I was encountering the resistance to change that accompanies any up-leveling of ourselves. Only this one was really uncomfortable. Michele Grace very graciously gave me session and drew me a beautiful map of the experience, which involved getting in touch with the love and support that my deceased brother could give me. While the words have gotten lost, the image of her map has stayed with me. It was such a gift and her insights really blew me away. It was so helpful.

If you are looking for a loving, insightful guide for your journey, I highly recommend Michele Grace's gifts, wisdom and talent! Her artistic impressions are such a beautiful gift one has forever and her comfort is profound.

Sherri L. McLendon, MA OM

President, Professional Moneta International

Colleen Deatsman

Author, Shamanic Healer and Teacher

As a counselor, shamanic teacher and practitioner my work is to help people heal, live in harmony and balance, and to become whole. My intention for my personal life path is the same. Being connected with Spirit and our true soul-self helps us live in this sacred manner. The moon, sun, planets, stars, the entire cosmos is spirited and full of energy that influences us on all levels. It is important to know these astrological influences and work with the Spirits of the cosmos to help us live our lives here on Earth in balance.

Michele's clear descriptions, interpretations and guidance makes it easy to understand and practically apply the wisdom of astrology. The Spiritual guidance that she receives, and so willingly shares, makes Michele's work more thorough and useful than any other astrologer that I have worked with. Join Michele for one her classes and you will experience the gifts of a true master.

Sandra Ingerman

author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth

Michele Lessirard is truly a gifted teacher. Her commitment to the work combined with her depth of experience brings great compassion, deep wisdom, clarity, the ability to be innovative, and humor to her workshops. We need teachers who know how to address the needs of the present and the coming times. Michele is one these brilliant and creative teachers who holds a light to help her students thrive and not just survive.

Carol Tunney, MD

Author, Shamanic Healer and Teacher

Each healer works in a unique way. Michele’s gift is that of the oracle, envisioning her clients standing in the full expression of their potential, she guides and inspires her clients while they manifest their dreams. Through the Global Alliance for Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs she gives healers and teachers the tools to dream big and then manifest their visions through grounded action.

The light workers have been called forth. If you are ready to step forward as a healer, teacher, or leader in your community, fully empowered and living in abundance on every level including financial, I highly recommend working with Michele Grace.

Carolyn Moor

Founder and Director

Working with Michele’s Vision*keeping process I was able to dream big. I set a new direction and feel confident in being able to keep a promise to myself to make the dreams come true.

The shamanic coaching experience was positive. I'm amazed at shift in my overall state of mind and ability to now see thru the "fog". Even my friends are noticing and commenting on it. They say something like -"There's something happening to you, you have more clarity than ever before." They are right! It borders on fearlessness and that is so exciting and so hopeful. Walking into the person you were meant to be takes "Someone who gives you the courage to be who we were meant to be" and Michele is a driving force help you be "that" person.

Stephanie Pedersen

Nutritionist, Holistic Health Consultant & Author

I came to Michele with a specific problem: Should I stay or leave a mastermind group I was in? But what I got from our time together was so much bigger than this!

After examining the SoulCollage® I had made, Michele led me through a series of exercises. I received aha moment, after aha moment! It was incredible! I was able to very, very clearly see that I was surrounded by people whose energy was not only different from my own, but people who were blocking my success.

I was finally able to see how this pattern has repeated itself for me in recent years. Knowing this was invaluable—but Michele also gave me practical ways to help me break this damaging pattern, as well as ways to protect myself (plus, plenty of help in how to find my next perfect group!).

She did this all with gentle humor, clarity, non-nonsenseness (if there is such a word) and with no judgment whatsoever. I felt very strongly that she was holding me firmly and lovingly as we walked through the process.

I cannot tell you how eager I am for this next chapter in my life!  Thank you so much, Michele! I haven’t felt so excited for anything in a long time!”

Caroline Kenner

Shamanic Healer and Teacher

Michele Lessirard is a gifted shamanic healer, but more than that, she is a skilled intuitive business woman. For 14 years Michele marketed and grew her firm into a successful six-figure design company working for fortune 500 companies and major hotel chains. Michele really understands how to grow a business. She also knows just about everything about the new and emerging media markets, and how to harness opportunities we have only begun to dream of. With Michele support at As We Connect, I know I can grow my shamanic healing practice into a business that will support my daughter and me, while still staying on my spiritual path and within my ethical framework.

Bonnie Brockett-Kuhn


Michele Grace is an amazing coach. She brings her spirit and energy to the calls with love and joy. She has incredible clarity, insight and intuition both innate and from the world around us that makes each coaching session powerfully transformative. Working with Michele has brought me in touch with my soul as well as given me tremendous guidance to move forward in my coaching business. Anyone working with her will find that she truly is a treasure.

Denise Dee


Dear teacher, friend and visionary Michele Lessirard- is amazing- I received a HUGE money breakthrough-by doubling my income- after one session with Michele. I urge you to join the Alliance of Shamanic Woman Entrepreneurs and watch yourself move into your wildest dreams this year! Making a commitment by putting my money towards my dreams makes everything in my life move in that direction.

Jame a Money Breakthrough Client

After my session with Michele Grace using the Money Breakthrough Method I found doors opening without my even knowing of their existence.  Without effort or forethought, fun is arriving from all directions.  Invitations, friends dropping in, chance encounters leading to important conversations are happening.  AND I know this will continue, this is my life now.  My energy/light, one/all has opened, cleared and grown; this is like a magnet for those who see.  Most of all, I am seeing me.

One very important piece was establishing a sacred connection to my ancestors. Wow, what a community of revelation, support and understanding.  I am a catalyst for healing long standing generational patterns regarding feminine power, creativity and money. Much is still unfolding.  For now, I want to share my joy and excitement with you and my gratitude.- Jayme T