Shamanic Healing Sessions with Michele Grace


soul loss

How does resistance show up?

I'm very good at clearing up the stuck places in your life. Every time you move a desire into action resistance will rear its ugly head. It's part of the creative process. This session helps to clear the past and keeps you from spinning in frustration and doubt.

  • Hiding out by____________ (you fill in the blank).
  • In a creative lull and lost the "joy of ________"
  • Under charging clients and giving away free advice  "my guides say".
  • Over giving in client sessions (not valuing your time).
  • Feeling like something is missing. A lack of joy.
  • Not understanding how-to express your soul’s message.
  • Have you been cursed or judged harshly by clients or mentors and then not able to make any forward movement?

Clients and students call me the "resistance whisperer." I can help uncover your brilliance and magically dissolve the inner resistance that may be keeping you stuck and broke.

I'm an excavator of truth.

Truth that sets you free.

Truth that reveals what you came to teach and share.

Truth that brings up emotional trash so you can be who you are meant to be. Human and divine.

Some will tell you to  bypass the emotional 'stuff". It's not necessary. Dear One they have not done their inner work. They can't take you on that journey, because they don't know what the journey looks like. And to this I say their soul loss begets more soul loss.

When your "blessed wound" is skipped over, trivialized, shamed and neglected the story floats about you causing confusion and doubt. To find your mess(age) requires deep listening and attention. The intake of breath, that place you are holding back. Holding in. Holding on.

Sacred witnessing.

With love.

Imagine FINALLY connecting to the deeper KNOWING about your personal mission it’s in the stars from a spirit-led business woman who really ‘gets you and your BIG dreams’. It's time to release your CREATIVE MOJO on the world by saying YES!  That path is in the stars...linked to the moment of your birth.

Shamanic Healing requires three integrative sessions, and takes place over 21-30 days. You'll want to clear your calendar to integrate this deep soul experience into your life.

1st Session: Is a dialog along with a ritual to get you ready for the shamanic healing. I'm using advance methods of shamanic healing* following the guidance of my Teachers, Helping Allies, in non-ordinary reality. The first session helps me understand what's going on in your life.

2nd Session: This sessions usually run 75-90 minutes. I ask that you plan nothing after the session to allow integration to happen. No worries you'll get details on how to prepare for our time together.

3rd Session:  Follow-up is usually 10-14 days after your healing plan 30-45 minutes for this session.

When you book your session, you will be sent an email with a link to my calendar. Sessions are usually available within 2-3 weeks of your order. I will also be sending you a request for your personal and business information so that I can prepare for our session together. All information will of course be kept strictly confidential.

In Person or Long Distance: You are welcome to drive or fly-in (West Palm Beach) to my studio in Vero Beach, Florida to work with me in person. Make it a week of pampering and planning at the beach.

* Shamanic Healing Methods may include power animal retrieval, extraction healing, depossession, curse breaking and/or soul retrieval.

Stephanie Pedersen

Nutritionist, Holistic Health Consultant & Author

I came to Michele with a specific problem: Should I stay or leave a mastermind group I was in? But what I got from our time together was so much bigger than this!

After examining the SoulCollage® I had made, Michele led me through a series of exercises. I received aha moment, after aha moment! It was incredible! I was able to very, very clearly see that I was surrounded by people whose energy was not only different from my own, but people who were blocking my success.

I was finally able to see how this pattern has repeated itself for me in recent years. Knowing this was invaluable—but Michele also gave me practical ways to help me break this damaging pattern, as well as ways to protect myself (plus, plenty of help in how to find my next perfect group!).

She did this all with gentle humor, clarity, non-nonsenseness (if there is such a word) and with no judgment whatsoever. I felt very strongly that she was holding me firmly and lovingly as we walked through the process.

I cannot tell you how eager I am for this next chapter in my life!  Thank you so much, Michele! I haven’t felt so excited for anything in a long time!

Michele Grace Lessirard

Shamanic Teacher

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard  is known for her wisdom and humor as a healer, teacher and leader. She helps you manifest your wildest dreams; guiding you to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable – all of which appeals to this hip, smart, spirit-led business woman and artist. In her early 20's with no money down, a dream and a drafting table she grew her interior design biz into multiple 6- figures.

As a seasoned entrepreneur Michele Grace loves spending time with Women in Business who are ready to live their dreams and make a difference. She is a founding member and past President of the Broward County Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO); former member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). As a shamanic teacher and leader she does interior design in a different way.