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Two weeks after the surgery I hobbled into his healing room, my broken foot still in a cast. “Look here” the shaman said “right between my eyes, and don’t look away.” Taking a swig from one of the bottles he spit sprayed the liquid elixir all over me and the scent of flowers filled the space within and around me.

Quietly he said “You have trained with many people of power, now it’s time for you to carry your own medicine bag.” What medicine do you carry?

That means being a healer with a profitable business.

Breakthrough Strategy Session is a private 1:1 Session (60 minutes). Just bring your current challenge and questions to the call. I’ll look at your birth chart and connect to your akashic records*; to see what Spirit has to say.

You’ll leave the session with a breakthrough plus a shamanic ritual to continue shifting the pattern along with a 3-step practical action plan.

This session has a $397 value, but first time clients can purchase today for just $297. Everything you need to get scheduled will be emailed to you as soon as you decide. Should we find that we are a match and one of my programs is right for you, your $297 investment will be applied to your coaching program.

(Past Clients, please email support[at] marketingforhealers (dot)com to inquire about additional coaching.)


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Carolyn Moor

Founder, Modern Widows Club

Working with Michele Grace's Vision*keeping process I was able to dream big. I set a new direction and feel confident in being able to keep a promise to myself to make the dreams come true.

The shamanic coaching experience was positive. I'm amazed at shift in my overall state of mind and ability to now see thru the "fog". Even my friends are noticing and commenting on it. They say something like -"There's something happening to you, you have more clarity than ever before." They are right! It borders on fearlessness and that is so exciting and so hopeful. Walking into the person you were meant to be takes "Someone who gives you the courage to be who we were meant to be" and Michele is a driving force help you be "that" person.

Carol Marie Tunney, MD

Author, Shamanic Healer and Teacher

Michele’s Marketing for Healer Toolkit is inspired, effective, and fun. Her step by step guide to creating a viable business and marketing plan is clear, informative, and colorful. However, Michele’s greatest gift is putting the soul back into business.

Working through the modules, I found the Toolkit to be pure magic, spirit driven at every step. As I was listening to one of the instructional CDs in my car, I had an inspiration about the name for my business. At that same moment, a beautiful red tail hawk swooped across the hood of my car. To me, hawk is a messenger of spirit this one confirming the name for my business! -Dr. Carol Marie Tunney, MD & Shamanic Healing, from Transcending Trauma, Remembering Joy