About Michele Grace

"I help you love your "weirdness" while holding space so you can cross the threshold of your genius."- Michele Grace

How long have you stood at your Genius doorway really frustrated?

In life and business this disconnect stops you from creating your work and connecting with the clients you're meant to serve.

Are you struggling? Tired of feeling overwhelmed and longing to connect with your inner Genius?

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht. is well known for her wisdom and humor as a leader, healer and teacher; mentoring clients all over the world through her private coaching, group programs, products and events.

Are you ready to break through resistance, stop spinning in doubt so you can open up new realms of creativity?

A path that leads you to making money with ease and grace?

Michele Grace Lessirard

Founder and Director, Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs

I teach you how to safely connect with your intuition so you can joyfully walk the way of the teacher, the healer, the visionary and the warrior in your everyday world.

Michele Grace is founder of the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs; the AsWeConnect community a leading edge alliance designed to support healers develop thriving businesses that they LOVE and their clients LOVE. She loves spending time with Women in Business who are living their dreams, taking risks and making a difference.

  • Seasoned entrepreneur (started her first business at 24).
  • Founding Board member & Past President Fort Lauderdale National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
  • Founder and director of the Shared Journeys School of Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine.

Specialties: shamanic healing, holistic approach to marketing professional services: SoulCollage® facilitator, certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach, story boarding, creativity coach, branding and creating sacred space at home and work.

When you honor your life's journey, come out of hiding and share your story miracles happen.


In the early 90's, I woke up to my intuitive abilities- spiritual gifts of the practical mystic. I re-membered how to be multi-sensory. Much of my guidance comes through colors and symbols- energies that I had felt, seen and just “knew” as a small child but shared with no one.

As an interior designer I used these symbols, images and colors to create spaces for clients when I leaped into the business world at the tender age of 24. At the time I entered a design competition telling my mother "I am going to win." I knew from some deep place that it was so (and I did).

There were other glimpses into this reality when I would just "know" something about a person or place, but I didn't recognize intuition or understand the process so it went virtually unnoticed by me.

Back then I was very practical...lol

After the birth of our daughter, my intuition blossomed during an intense awakening. Entering this dark time was very frustrating. The professionals I consulted did not understand the psycho-spiritual changes that were rapidly manifesting in my body, mind and spirit.

Fortunately I started following that still small Voice within that lead me to the right path- conventional and non-conventional- that showed me a way through.

In those early days very little was written on how to develop and use these intuitive gifts, yet alone how to interpret their messages. My path lead me back into the creative healing arts for spiritual contemplation together with alchemical work such as breathwork, dream interpretation, re-birthing, shamanism and more - each process offering up a piece of the puzzle which formed a picture, one that I now embody for myself and share with my clients and students today.