I’m an excavator.

Of Truth.

Truth that sets YOU free.

Truth that reveals what you came to teach.

Truth that brings up emotional trash so you can

BE who you are meant to be.

Magical. Human. Divine.

Some say sure bypass the emotional ‘stuff”?

Uh no…it’s necessary.

Dear One maybe they haven’t done their inner work.

They can’t take you on that inner journey, because they don’t know what the journey looks like.

And to this I say their soul loss begets more soul loss.

When your “blessed wound” is skipped over, trivialized, shamed and neglected

The story floats about you like Flotsum and Jetsam causing you confusion and doubt.

To find your mess(age) requires deep listening and attention.

The intake of breath, that place you are holding back. Holding in. Holding on.

Sacred witnessing.

Are you ready?

For your weirdness to be seen + celebrated?

I have mad skills in ‘drawing down’ and synthesizing what you need.

You’ll know this option is right for you if it feels light.

The question is…

“What energy, space and consciousness may I BE to receive this level of support?”

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