[Content Marketing Opportunity]

Take the Content Personality Quiz® here. What’s your content personality score? Is it Video and Live? read on…

I’m offering a 4-week Strategy Session.

You must be ready and willing to implement + have a Content Personality™ type of Live and Video.

This comes with a 4-Hour VIP Day aka “Idea Party” where we map out your intentions and then the following Monday you start implementing the 4-week strategy.

Yes, it’s fast-tracked

During our time together you’ll be collaborating with “moi” as your mentor.

You agree to be the case study that I then submit to my coach for certification.

We can pick an area of focus: 

*list building
*brand awareness
*promote an ongoing program
*launch a new product or service
*Get clients in 30 days i.e. build your 1:1 client base

The dates for the VIP day are September 8 or 9th. If this feels light and works for your schedule then let’s talk.

I’ve selected the “Crash Test Dummy” for my 4-week project.

Thank you for everyone who raised their hand.
I am inspired by your sharing.

If you signed up and commented below,
watch your email for an invitation on how we can collaborate.


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